Aayu Clinics Expands To Third Chicago Location At West Loop

Chicago healthcare provider Aayu Clinics has opened up a new location in the city at West Loop. The large newly opened space will also host a COVID-19 testing and vaccination business division along with a vaccine and testing center.

Aayu Clinics has been providing a range of services such as urgent care, telemedicine, 7 days a week primary care, ketamine infusion therapy, gender-affirming care, mental health services, integrative medicine, and naturopathic medicine to the residents of Chicago for some time now from its two locations in Lakeview and Wicker Park. The new location at West Loop offers all of the aforementioned services along with functioning as a hosting site for the COVID-19 testing and vaccination services that the clinic provides in association with other companies.

The process for COVID-19 testing at Aayu Clinic’s new location is simple and straightforward. Those looking to get tested are requested to register online and schedule an appointment through a link on Aayu Clinic’s website. Participants can also use the Chicago COVID website to book an appointment. The participant will then receive an email containing testing instructions. Once they arrive at the chosen location, they can choose to get the free antigen test which provides them with results by 8 PM the following day, or they can opt for a 3-hour RAPID PCR test for a rush fee of $275. The RAPID PCR test is only available at the newly opened West Loop location. Those who don’t need the results the same day are encouraged to avail of the antigen test as it is free through the CARES Act whether the individual has health insurance or not.

A spokesperson for Aayu Clinics talks about the COVID-19 testing services by saying, “The pandemic has changed the way we move, conduct business, and enjoy our leisure time. After almost a year and a half of living with the coronavirus, it is finally time to take action and get vaccinated to move on from these harrowing times. Testing is the first step towards taking the preventative measures that one needs to fight the spread of the virus. Nasal swab RT-PCR testing allows for early case identification, informing close contacts of one’s COVID status, and reducing spread at home or work. 2 weeks after the onset of symptoms an IgM antibody test is recommended. 3 weeks after the onset of COVID-19 symptoms an IgG antibody blood test is recommended. Testing allows medical professionals to determine the root cause of the symptoms and gives them the confidence to start the appropriate treatment. COVID-19 treatment is time-critical as any delays can cause the virus to spread within the body and cause irreparable lung damage. So if you are looking to get a COVID-19 test in Chicago, head over to our new location in West Loop to get a swab test or a RAPID PCR test, today.”

Aayu Clinics has also partnered with COVID Arc, a company that helps businesses get COVID Ready and keep their employees safe by providing services such as testing, tracking, tracing, medical consultations, protocol implementation, COVID curriculum & ongoing education, daily symptom trackers, and management & containment. The company has helped all kinds of businesses from diverse industries such as sports, healthcare, education, transportation & logistics, corporate & retail, and manufacturing get COVID Ready.

Aayu Clinics is serving the residents of Chicago by providing a holistic approach to health and wellness. Its urgent care services are smart and hassle-free. They give the patient the convenience of being able to book same-day appointments, without the need to sign up for any subscriptions. Its telemedicine services empower those who find it difficult to make the journey to the clinic’s physical location. Its approach to mental health treatment utilizes a broad range of modalities such as lifestyle adjustments, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medications. Aayu Clinic’s naturopathic medicine treatments make use of natural remedies to help the body heal itself.

Readers can contact the clinic at the phone number (773) 227-3669 or using the email address care@aayuclinics.com.


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