AAA Garage Door Repairs Is Offering Automatic Gate Repairs In Brisbane, Queensland

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AAA Garage Door Repairs is now offering automatic garage door repair services in Brisbane, Queensland, and surrounding areas.

Automatic gates are a very effective way to increase a home’s security which can also increase the price of the property in the long term. With modern advancements and the introduction of technologies such as the Internet of Things, electronic automatic garage door systems can be controlled using networked devices such as computers, tablets, and cellphones giving the homeowner fine remote control over access to their home. This can let them spot problems and be alerted of possible intrusions when they are away from home or when they are safely inside and feel the need to barricade in a safe room to protect themselves from burglars who may be possibly armed and dangerous. In conjunction with security cameras, automatic garage door systems are a great way to feel more secure about one’s safety, property, and valuables.

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The company says on its website that the most common problems with automatic gates are more likely to be with the actual moving parts rather than the control electronics. The gate’s mechanical parts such as the hinges, latch, spring, and motors go through the most wear and tear regularly and are prime culprits for an unresponsive or partially working automatic garage door. The company’s recommendation is to check on the garage door weekly to make sure there are no minor problems that have the potential to become worse down the line and damage the entire system. The more time one spends ignoring the issue, the higher the repair costs will be once one gets around to them.

There can be several problems with the aforementioned moving parts to which automatic garage doors are particularly susceptible. The hinges in particular need regular oiling for them not to seize up and stop working. The spring that provides the pushing and pulling force required to open and close the gate can lose its tension and can make the door rise too slow or come down too fast, possibly injuring someone caught in its trajectory. Sliding gates may also experience a door and collection unit problem. The door servo motor assembly located in the collection unit that opens and closes the electric garage door, to begin with, for some reason, may not function properly.

A spokesperson for AAA Garage Door Repairs talks about the importance of relying on professionals for garage door repairs by saying, “There are significant dangers associated with installing or repairing an automatic garage door and unexperienced novices are strictly recommended to leave it up to us, the professionals, for tasks like these. Firstly, garage doors are very heavy. If you have a malfunctioning door, it can drop down on your vehicle, or in a more dire scenario, hit someone passing below it causing them bodily harm. If you attempt to do it yourself, you have to be ready to do an in-depth analysis of the mechanism of the garage door, which, though is not rocket science, still has enough complexity and variation from manufacturer to manufacturer to make you likely to slip up and make a mistake. We work with the inventory from all reputed automatic garage door manufacturers in Australia and know what problems to anticipate for each one. We have done this so many times that we can spot a problem a mile away and we always have a solution ready to go. When you are looking for the best garage door repair and installation services in Brisbane, the only company to call that is worth your time and money is AAA Garage Door Repairs.”

Readers looking for any assistance with installing new features or repairing their existing garage doors can contact AAA Garage Door Repairs at the phone number (07) 3184-4447 or the email address The company’s range of services includes garage door installation, garage door openers, and garage door repair. The company also offers same-day service along with 24-hour emergency garage door repairs.


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