A Top Provider of Promotional Products in Indianapolis Explains to the Business Community the Importance of Promotional Product Marketing During This Time

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Indianapolis – As a proud member of the Indianapolis business community since 1969, Bardach Awards strives to provide the most relevant and highest quality items that will meet the exact needs of its customers. This month, they are explaining to businesses why promotional products are a great investment during this time.

Many individuals in the business world have been questioning whether promotional products are still effective today in the age of technology. The bottom line is that regardless of society’s level of dependency on technology, tangible objects will continue to appear in daily life. People will always need items such as drinkware, various gadgets, pens, and containers to hold items. Because these tangible objects will always be necessary, they will consistently exist as an opportunity for businesses to increase their brand recognition. Making its name and logo increasingly visible to the eyes of consumers is a goal of every company, no matter its size or level of success. This concept is especially prominent during this time of reopened businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic led a large chunk of the business world into a time of struggle to stay afloat. However, after several months have gone by, most businesses have reentered some state of normalcy and are ready to dive back into full-force competition with their competitors. Complementing this trend, consumers are ready to resume normal life, once again purchasing the goods, services, and investments that they had been waiting for. For businesses, this means they must follow suit and use every tool available to inch ahead of their competitors. Utilizing promotional products is one of many ways this can be done.

In fact, the current trends in society allow businesses to make their marketing techniques even more tactful and effective. For example, if a company typically gives out pens containing their company name and logo, they could instead begin to give out promotional hand sanitizers and face masks. Because these items assist in keeping individuals healthy, that company will not only continue to receive an increase in brand recognition, but it will also receive an increase in favorability among the community. In other words, people will have positive associations with that company’s brand.

Bardach Awards seeks to help their business community in any way they can, ensuring that they offer the optimal promotional items, such as hand sanitizer holders, mugs, face masks, drinkware, and sports bags. For more information, visit Bardach Awards today at www.bardachawards.com or give them a call at (317) 872-7444.


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