A Store Known for Custom Engraving in Baytown, TX is Now Offering Custom Face Shields and Face Masks

Custom Face Shields in Baytown Texas

BAYTOWN, Texas. - Awards and Engraving, a leading store known for custom engraving in Baytown, TX, is excited to offer custom face shields and face masks. The company feels that it is a pleasure to offer these products to the Baytown community, assisting in the effort to keep ever one in the local community safe.

The face masks, Awards and Engraving offers comes in several different options. For cloth face masks, they offer both simple one-color masks, as well as custom masks with graphics and words printed on them. The simple cloth masks cost between $2.80 and $4.00, and the custom cloth masks are sold for $14.95.

Another type of mask offered by Awards and Engraving is the disposable facemask. Each disposable mask is sold for $1.25 in a quantity of 50 masks. Aside from face masks, Awards and Engraving also produces acrylic face shields, sold for $19.95 per shield. Face shields serve the same purpose as face masks, but many individuals prefer shields over masks in the name of comfort. Because they are not actually touching the face, they do not feel suffocating, nor do they cause irritation behind the ears.

As a proud Baytown business, Awards and Engraving strive to help their community in any way they can. In response to the current pandemic, Awards and Engraving is offering custom face masks and shields, much different than their usual business of offering custom award plaques in Baytown, TX. They believe participating in effective safety precautions is the best thing individuals can do to beat the coronavirus, which is why it is such an honor to help enable the community to do just that.

Awards and Engraving hope that their small effort to help provide for the needs of their community makes a big impact. For more information regarding their health and safety precautionary accessories or other products, give Awards and Engraving a call today at (281) 420-1299 or visit their website: www.awards-engraving.com.


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