A Postal-Related Bill Reintroduction is Explained by a Naperville Shipping Center

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Naperville, IL — After numerous USPS mail carriers contracted heat-related illnesses, Congress Representative Tony Cardenas looked back at the event that led to the introduction of the Peggy Memorial Act, and he decided to reintroduce the bill. The passing of this bill would mean that all USPS vehicles that do not currently have air conditioning would need to have it installed. The Boxes Etc., a USPS shipping center, is further explaining this bill and why it is being reintroduced.

The event that led to the original proposal of the Peggy Frank Memorial Act occurred in 2019. A 63-year-old woman passed away in her USPS mail carrier truck. Cardenas believes that if her truck would have had the necessary resources, such as functioning air conditioning, there is a good chance she would not have died that day. Along with the two other likely factors, obesity and heart disease, the woman's primary cause of death was hyperthermia, as her body rose to an abnormally high temperature.

Cardenas explains: “We can’t bring her back, but we can do everything we can to protect the men and women who keep us connected by delivering letters, packages, prescriptions and so much more. It’s time to bring their vehicles to the 21st century by including climate controls that will protect them from extreme temperatures. We owe it to Peggy, her family and all postal workers to make sure civil servants stay healthy and safe. It’s the bare minimum.” 

The passing of the Peggy Frank Memorial Act will give the USPS a pretty large job to do. As of now, only about 30 percent of their vehicles are equipped with functioning air conditioning. If the bill goes through, the USPS will have three years to make the necessary changes to comply with the new law.

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