A New Brand Identity for Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett

Suffolk County, NY - In today’s media heavy world, we’re are learning more about the inner workings of the criminal justice system. From excessive force to false arrests and racial disparity, these important isues at the front of many headlines.

As a criminal attorney on Long Island with over 20 years of experience in defending clients in criminal proceedings, Suffolk County criminal lawyer Jason Bassett has been on the front lines of working within the system to ensure a fair and balanced representation for his clents.

Mr. Bassett knows that after an arrest, a defendant may experience fear and frustration.

“For many people, this isn’t just about an arrest. It’s about how it impacts the rest of their lives. It’s about their reputations, their jobs, their families. In some cases, people can lose professional licenses. An arrest and conviction can have huge implications and can follow someone throughout a lifetime,” he says.

Mr. Bassett prides himself on representing his clients in vigorous and professional manner, thus giving them the best chance at winning their case. He has experience representing clients have been victimized by the criminal justice system. Even in the case where a crime has been committed, there is often the degree of the crime that is at issue. Under our laws, any individual who has been accused of a crime has the legal right to adequate representation and a careful and fair defense. This is where Mr. Bassett has found his calling.

“The people we like to call 'criminals' are not the stuff of crime shows. Bad guys versus good guys. These are real people with real stories. In many cases, they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. In some cases, they are unfairly targeted. And without someone to guide them, they mall fall victim to a system that looks to punish them before finding cause to exonerate them. I’ve seen this too many times.”

Consequently, Mr. Bassett is focusing his practice on criminal law. With that shift, Jason Bassett Criminal Attorney will be representing clients that may otherwise be stuck with a criminal label simply because they didn’t have access to the right kind of legal representation.

Having access to the right criminal justice lawyer in Suffolk County can make a difference in the course of any criminal case. That attorney must be experienced in making strong arguments on the accused’s behalf and have a broad understanding of the nuances of the law.

By focusing his practice as a criminal justice attorney, Mr. Bassett is now able to meet the needs of so many people who may otherwise have not had the opportunity to clear their name.

Mr. Bassett has dedicated his career to protecting the rights of his clients against more powerful institutions and seeks to level the playing field by aggressively defending them at the state and federal level.


To learn more about him, go to https://jbassettlaw.com/.


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