A London Plumber Highlights Increase in Ontario Water Bills

London, ON - A new report by a group of provincial construction unions and contractors estimates that leaking pipes, cracks, and other problems cause the average Ontario household to pay up to a third more for water each month. The research, which looked at the state of Ontario's water infrastructure, excluded Indigenous communities, which have faced access to safe drinking water for more than a century. According to a local London plumber, The Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) paid for and published the 56-page report this month.

The report suggests, because of aging and leaking plumbing, millions of liters of clean drinking water are wasted every day, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars annually. Researchers estimate Toronto is losing around 103 million liters of fresh water every day over the past 15 years alone. In addition to energy and water, there are repairs and time that must be considered.

The study points out that Canada and the United States average 700 water main breaks a day, and water main repairs cost more than $10 billion each year. An annual cost estimated by a British study is $2.3 billion US from traffic delays caused by utility construction.

However, the narrative of leaks, as well as water main breaks, is much more complicated. Almost 3,000 liters of water can be wasted by a 1.5 mm hole in an underground water pipe per day, at the cost of $14.54 a day. The situation is particularly dire in rural communities, where the population is low and there are few resources and education available to maintain the vast network of aging water infrastructure. It is time for city officials across Ontario to look at the leaky pipes costing the citizens money.

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