A Hearing Physician in Gardendale, AL Announces Free Hearing Aid Trial

Hearing Physician in Gardendale AL

Gardendale, Ala.- Beltone USA is a dependable hearing physician in Gardendale, AL, honored to be a part of the national Beltone brand. The company is currently offering free in-office hearing aid trials for patients. The offer is for the Beltone Amaze hearing aid 9 and 17, a top of the line hearing aid with advice technology. The offer started July 13th, 2020, and will be valid until July 31st, 2020, with no other stipulations.

This free trial comes after the hearing aid recently winning the 2020 BIG Innovation Award, which was presented to the company by the Business Intelligence Group. The awards highlighted the innovative technology found in the hearing device. The Beltone Amaze can be used for patients with only mild-to-serve hearing loss. The device also comes with rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth technology for seamless streaming to other devices.

“The technology on these hearing aids is fantastic. Now I can talk on the phone with no problem at all.” – Robert Newell, a loyal Beltone patient

Along with providing patients with a free in-store trail of Beltone Amaze, Beltone has also recently taken other steps to help patients amid the coronavirus pandemic. These steps include recently offering people around the nation free hearing aid batteries, creating an online store for hearing accessories to slow in-office visits, and providing Beltone Remote Care Live for video appointments.

As a local provider for free hearing tests in Gardendale, AL Beltone USA is committed to providing patients with top of the line hearing technology. Beltone USA offers free hearing tests provided by quality hearing specialists. Our hearing care professionals receive comprehensive training to provide patients with top-quality care. For more information about the free in-office trial of the Beltone Amaze or for hearing care needs in general, give them a call at (205) 608-3979 or visit them online at www.beltoneusa.com.


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