A Hearing Loss Center in Lawrenceville, GA is Announcing a New Hearing Device

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Lawrenceville, GA. – Beltone is known as the nation’s leading hearing care retailer with more than 1,500 locations around North America. Beltone USA is a local hearing loss center in Lawrenceville, GA and is part of the national brand. Beltone is proud to announce the release of the Beltone Imagine hearing aid device. The Beltone Imagine is an innovative hearing aid device produced by the company implementing breakthrough sound clarity by utilizing a third microphone inside the ear canal.

Beltone invented the over the ear device to solve the issue of “unnatural” sound, which is a common complaint of hearing aid users. The Beltone Image is a made-to-measure hearing aid, meaning each ear is measured and fit to the specific ear size. The breakthrough technology found in the Beltone Imagine provides users with superior sound quality and less sound-distortion feedback. The device is the first Microphone and Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE), creating a new hearing aid style altogether. 

The device also connects to Apple and Android devices for direct streaming and comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours with only three hours of charge time. The innovate Beltone Imagine comes in eight natural colors, matching a variety of skin and hair colors. Each purchase also automatically includes BelCare, which is the lifetime care and protection service provided by the company.

Beltone USA is proud to serve the community by providing quality hearing products and services in the Lawrenceville area. The company offers each patient a free hearing test and a variety of product options. Beltone USA has multiple precautions in place to protect the community from COVID-19, including a recently launched online store and telehealth services for existing patients. For more information regarding the new Beltone Imagine or services offered by Beltone USA in Lawrenceville, give them a call at 770-277-3913 or visit them online at https://www.beltoneusa.com/lawrenceville.


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