A First Time Home Buyer From Chicago Looking For FHA Sponsored Benefits Can Contact David Hochberg For Guidance

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Vice President of Lending at Homeside Financial and radio talk show host at WGN Radio, David Hochberg, is using his platform to educate first-time home buyers about the several ways that the Federal Housing Administration’s initiatives can help them move into their first fully owned property.

FHA mortgages are insured by the government. It is the government’s way of helping low and moderate-income families move out of the vicious cycle of generational poverty by buying and owning their first real property. The government plays the role of an insurer to make it easier for mortgage providers to consider applications from those who might not have the money required for the down payment or those who may have lower credit scores and are thus deemed too risky by the mortgage provider.

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David Hochberg talks about the benefits offered by FHA mortgages by saying, “Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. In a country as competitive as the United States even graduating from college without any debt is considered a serious leg up. This is not even considering the low-income families who don’t have inherited wealth to tide them over the tough times. They are living paycheck to paycheck and the only way they can afford something as significant as a property purchase is if they have someone looking out for them. They need someone who understands their pain and does the bare minimum to get their foot into the door to negotiate with mortgage providers. The government has recognized the vast disparity of incomes in the population and is doing its best to address this inequality. The mortgage insurances from the FHA are one of the ways with which those who are struggling to afford the down payment on their dream home or those who are stuck with a low credit score can finally achieve the age-old American dream of home ownership. If you are in the same boat and decide to avail of the affordable options sponsored by the FHA, you might not have the 2-car garage and white picket fence that you envisioned but you will be one step closer to breaking the unfair, debilitating chains of fate that are holding you and your family back. I can help you find these golden opportunities based on your current financial status and income. If you are looking for a home in or near Chicago, contact me today and I’ll set you on a path that will ease the journey for you and your future generations. I urge you to check out this news article that gives a thorough run down of my services.”

David Hochberg’s company Team Hochberg has done a stellar job serving the residents of Illinois and helping them get the assistance that they need from the FHA. His Google My Business page sits at a very impressive review score of 4.8 out of 5.0 from over 300 reviews. The voluminous feedback he has received and the fact that his rating is so high is a testament to the fact that his services are resonating with those he is so dedicatedly serving.

One of the most recent reviews of David Hochberg’s services from his Google My Business page that praises his customer service says, “David Hochberg is truly unbelievable. I emailed him a question about my niece who is looking to refinance her home. Within 10 minutes of my email, he called me. I was not expecting a personal call, but he was right on the money. He told me to have her call him directly to advise her of what was needed to refinance. Talk about customer service. That's what I call the best!! He is for real!!”

Team Hochberg, powered by Homeside Financial, has been originating mortgages since 2000 and has helped originate over $15,000,000,000 in mortgages. Readers interested in signing up for FHA-backed mortgages can contact Team Hochberg for a free quote by heading over to his website or contacting David at (855) 563-2843. More information about his services can be gleaned from this news article.


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