A Bronx-Based Moving Company Launches Its Long-Distance Moving Service

Long-distance moving services are now available from 5 Star Movers LLC - Bronx Moving Company. The company is fully licensed and equipped for interstate moves, which means clients in the Bronx can now enjoy the convenience of another service provider when they're ready to move out of state lines.

The Bronx-based moving company has become famous for its excellent service and great availability. According to online reviews, customers are satisfied with the services provided by this latest addition in their home state. This new development is positive news for those who plan to relocate from this city because they now have another option for long-distance movers within Bronx, New York City.

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Long Distance Movers in the Bronx, NY

5 Star Movers LLC and its employees strive to treat each item as if it were their own and state that it is in their best interest not to damage any items throughout transit and the entirety of the relocation process. The moving company has been attracting new business by continuing high-quality customer care at fair prices for all clients with its latest service. While long-distance moves are never easy, the newly launched long-distance moving service seems to be making it easier for families around the Bronx area who have been the first of many to use their services. Most of which have come from neighborhoods including Mott Haven, Morris Park, East Bronx, Parkchester, Hunts Point, and Concourse. The moving company's representatives and information are available on their website for those who want to learn more.

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Aside from this, the moving company also offers residential moves and commercial ones. They take pride in bringing satisfactory customer service to their clientele in the past. With their new addition of a long-distance move service, they hope to build on this reputation more.


For more information about 5 Star Movers LLC, contact the company here:

5 Star Movers LLC
5 Star Movers LLC
1670 Seward Avenue, Bronx, New York, NY 10473