5 Star Movers Llc Expands Service In The Bronx And Beyond

The prominent Bronx, NY moving company, 5 Star Movers LLC has expanded its storage facilities in the Bronx. Doing so provides necessary assistance to those moving within the Bronx as well as the rest of the 5 Star Movers LLC service areas. 5 Star Movers LLC routinely handles moves to and from Queens, Brooklyn, Midtown Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, and other locations throughout the USA.

Bronx Movers and More

professional moving company in Bronx

5 Star Movers LLC provides professional moving services to help clients relocate at an affordable price. They handle residential moves and business relocations. No task is too large or too small for this established Bronx moving company. For all moving services Bronx residents have depended for years on 5 Star Movers LLC for moving and storage, packing services, and moving helpers for both local and long distance moves. They are the moving company Bronx residents have learned to trust with their belongings when relocating.

Professional and Flexible Bronx Moving Services

Moving from one home to another, one job to another or one city to another can be difficult. When clients choose 5 Star Movers LLC they work to help make things easier. Their investment in new storage facilities in the Bronx is part of this continuing effort. If your home does not sell as quickly as you hoped, you may still need to move across the country to a new job even before you have purchased a new home on the other end. With moving and storage Bronx services, 5 Star Movers LLC can hold the bulk of your belongings until your housing situation is settled and ship safely when you are ready. The current Covid-19 economic crisis has created all sorts of problems for those who need to move. 5 Star Movers LLC understands this and has acted to help resolve storage dilemmas for both local and long distance moves.

Always There When One Needs Them

There are often peak moving times when it can be difficult to find Bronx movers for the moving services Bronx residents or folks moving to the Bronx need. 5 Star Movers LLC has been in business for years. They have reliably helped accomplish moves both large and small. And, this moving company Bronx residents trust will always find the wherewithal to handle their clients’ moves at times that are convenient to the clients and not just for the mover.

Secure, Licensed, Bonded Bronx Movers

5 Star Movers LLC has a long history of doing safe and secure move for their clients. They are fully licensed and bonded. Their employees are all trained and screened so that home and business owners have competent and secure moving help without any worries on every move.

Services for Moving and Storage Bronx Relies Upon

5 Star Movers LLC has a long list of satisfied customers. Although most folks do not move very often, those who do always call 5 Star Movers LLC whenever the need arises. Many Bronx realtors have had experience with 5 Start Movers LLC through their own clients and routinely recommend this company to real estate clients who are looking for a professional and reliable mover.

5 Star Movers LLC is located in Bronx, NY and can be reached by called (212) 913-0231 or visiting their website. They routinely handle moves to and from Astoria, Santa Monica, New Hyde Park, East Williamsburg, Throggs Neck, Morris Park, New Rochelle, Milford, Westchester, and Bruckner Blvd as well as within the Bronx or across the breadth of the USA.

5 Star Movers LLC has a long history of helping their clients through the difficult times surrounding a move. They take pride in their work and are known for their friendliness and professionalism



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5 Star Movers LLC
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