2nd Chance Investment Group Ensures Fair Offers to Buy Homes for Cash in San Diego

Ontario, California -

Ontario, California - 2nd Chance Investment Group, a company based in Ontario, CA, wants to emphasize that they always make sure the offer they make to buy homes for cash in San Diego and surrounding areas are fair for the homeowner. They make the offer over the phone immediately based on the description of the home provided by the home seller. They will then make it clear that they will be physically examining the house after which they will finalize the agreement. Typically, it will only need about a day to complete that part of the process, depending on the availability of the home seller. They will make a solid offer for the home or property and only when the homeowner has agreed to the offer will they start the process to complete the sale. They usually purchase houses as quickly as possible, which is why they have a dedicated team that will manage everything that needs to be done to finalize the sale.

They will be buying a home or property in whatever the condition or circumstances, which implies that the seller need not have to worry about having a budget for repairing the house or wait for the several months to finalize the sale when done the conventional way. There will be no real estate agent, which means that there will be no commissions or fees to pay, thus allowing the home seller to get the whole amount quoted.

2nd Chance Investment Group

Ray Foster, CEO of 2nd Chance Investment Group, says, “When we buy houses San Diego homeowners can be sure that it is fair. We have been buying homes for cash for a very long time and over the years, we’ve heard many horror stories from homeowners who sold their homes for far less than they agreed to. The fact is that not all cash for home buyers in California is equal. There are some companies who aren’t as easy to deal with, and then there is us. The offers we make are based on solid research and our years of experience in this industry. That’s why if you give us an accurate description of the property, we will make you a very accurate offer.”

They want to point out that they were able to buy about $50 million worth of homes in just a few years and in that time they have also developed a reputation of being quick and honest. That’s the reason why they have always the company of choice for homeowners and other property owners to want to sell their house or property for a fair price but without the usual hassle when selling a home the traditional way.

They are usually able to purchase houses in just seven days from the time the seller contacts them if there are no significant issues to delay the process. This is very much in contrast to the typical eight months that it would take to sell a property in San Diego. They are able to drastically reduce the time because they are buying in cash and there’s no need to apply for home financing, which may take weeks or months to get approved.

Started in 2015, 2nd Chance Investment Group is composed of several motivated investors who desire to help people sell their houses as quickly as possible. They are proud to offer the best in customer service and in ensuring that the buying process is as simple and as fast as possible. They are based in the Inland Empire of Southern California and they acquire properties in San Diego and throughout the state of California.

When they say sell my house fast San Diego homeowners and other property owners can check out the 2nd Chance Investment Group website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday, and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays. Those who want to know their exact location and other important information about the company can check out their Google Maps page.


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