24HourWristbands Offers Custom Can Coolers & Coolies

Houston, TX based 24HourWristbands would like to announce their new line of personalized coolies, which are customizable can coolers that can be used to keep drinks cool in summer. With temperatures hitting an all-time high in a number of places around the world, having a way to keep drinks cool on a day out is very important. The intense heat does not mean one cannot enjoy a cold drink at the beach, however, and 24HourWristbands has gone a step further to make it so their customers can essentially design their own cooler.

“Can coolers have one function: to keep drinks cool,” says 24HourWristbands. “However, we have some cool custom coolies that tend to deliver more than just your beverage-chilling needs. Campaign souvenirs, gifts, marketing devices — these custom coolies can meet all those requirements while fulfilling their most basic objective. Browse our collection of personalized coolies if you are on the hunt for some quality products at affordable prices. There is no end to our assortment of designs and sizes for custom can coolers. No matter the occasion, a birthday celebration, party or wedding ceremony, our range of styles for coolers has no bounds.” Learn more here: 24HourWristbands Coolies.

The coolers have a number of uses, the most popular of which is at parties where they are used to keep drinks cool. From loud house parties to Christmas dinner, Halloween and New Year's Eve, the coolers make sure that everyone’s drinks remain cold and refreshing. With customizable, easy to order coolers, 24HourWristbands is the first choice of a number of party hosts looking for a good way to make sure their guests are comfortable. The coolers also help stop condensation from forming by keeping the drinks cold which prevents slippage and excess moisture on various surfaces. With over 1000 designs, 24HourWristbands has something for everyone, and customers can look through their collection at any time as they are open 24/7.

Events involving physical activity are incomplete without cold refreshments for participants. With 24HourWristbands’ cheap and customizable coolies, the refreshments at any event are sure to remain refreshing for hours. Outside of parties and events, a person can make use of the personalized coolies to keep their water or drinks cold while out on a walk or run.

“Now, attending to custom birthday coolies and custom wedding coolies, our many pre-designed templates will help you select from quite a variety of options if you do not have any particular designs to upload,” says the coolie supplier. “Our collection also has a lot of blank cheap coolies that you can use for awareness events. However, our custom can coolies can be personalized to your submitted design if you would like to include the cause and the organization's name in them. Now, for those who want to keep their fitness in check, our collection of collapsible bottle coolers will help keep their cold water chilled. You can personalize these custom coolies with motivational artworks, along with positive messages. So, the custom coolies will help you energize both inside and out every time you look at them and drink from them.”

All of 24HourWristbands’ coolies are made of polyurethane foam and other variations of safe, high quality materials. A few custom can coolers are made of a range of different but still very high quality materials, such as neoprene, polyester-SB, rubber and PU vinyl. All customization is done through screen-printing, which means that it does not fade after several laundry cycles. The coolers also come with a number of different features and attachments, including sequins, hoodies, handle straps and carabiners.

24HourWristbands.com was founded in 2006 and has managed to reach its current size by delivering over 100 million wristbands to a number of organizations and businesses all over the world. The company has since expanded to include a number of other products, including yard signs, lanyards, temporary tattoos, T-shirts and more. They have managed to remain true to their small business fundamentals despite this rapid growth, however, and they take pride in treating every customer as an individual deserving of excellent service.

For more information on their coolers and the many other products available at 24HourWristbands, visit their Facebook page. Further details can also be found on their official website. Alternatively, customers and other interested parties may contact Sabahat Akhter of 24HourWristbands to follow up on any further inquiries.


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