ZappyNow was named the "2022 Excellent Big Data Application Service Provider" with its AI System.

During the 2022 The Big Data 100 Conference, ZappyNow (Zappy Tech Group Limited) was given the "Excellent Big Data Application Service Provider" award.

With the use of its AI system, ZappyNow was chosen to achieve the "2022 Outstanding Big Data Application Service Provider" award, which also serves as the industry's acknowledgement of the company since its foundation. Since then, it has received recognition for its significant contributions to big data traffic.

Powerful big data firms worldwide are represented among the companies taking part in the selection. The selection's goal is to investigate and compile successful companies in the fields of big data traffic applications, big data platforms, traffic development and more.

The aim of fostering the sustainable growth of the big data ecosystem is achieved via the summary and promotion of successful experiences in many domains.

The "Industrial Revolution 4.0" has arrived, and ZappyNow's cutting-edge traffic services are quickly becoming integrated into a variety of industries.

The rapid rise of businesses like cloud computing and the Internet has further accelerated Zappy's traffic market's rate of expansion. The capacity of the global big data market will be around 516EB (exabyte) by 2022.

Thousands of other IT channel providers expressed their hope to find more potential market opportunities in the area of big data with Zappy, and ZappyNow is currently active with tens of thousands of different types of product and service enterprises in the fields of data processing, data security, data storage, data computing, traffic analysis, traffic presentation, etc.

During the conference meeting, the IT channel ecology began to centre on Zappy's cutting-edge traffic market.

ZappyNow has occupied a favourable position in the global traffic market as the first solution provider in the sector specialising in big data traffic applications. The company will offer major corporations the best traffic monetization services and grow to be the most valuable business partner in the world's traffic monetization ecosystem.

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