World's Most Effective Program to Beat Pandemic Burnout - Why Companies are Turning to Sean Hall and EnergX

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES / ACCESSWIRE / APRIL 27, 2022 / Less than 3% of women and 6% of men are thriving due to the impact of pandemic burnout. This makes it a matter that requires attention from employers as it is directly linked to the Great Resignation and customer experience.

Some of the symptoms of burnout that many of us can relate to are being physically unhappy, feeling unfulfilled, lacking direction, negative self-talk, waking up tired, sweating the small stuff, and feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

The more symptoms and the longer they go unchecked the more vulnerable we become to burnout, chronic fatigue, and mental health issues.

We all know prevention equals performance, so it's now easy to see that any mental health strategy that doesn't include burnout is incomplete. For workplaces, these impacts are felt as lower engagement, retention issues, lost productivity, collaboration, and creativity, and can even stifle inclusion efforts as empathy also declines.

With millions of Australians impacted, burnout has a very human knock-on effect to the economy, as much as a staggering $266 billion a year or 16% of the Australian economy.

EnergX, a firm that focuses on helping people regain their energy in work and life, is now the organization that companies turn to reinvigorate, motivate and activate staff. EnergX was founded by Sean Hall, who's lived experience of overcoming depression and severe burnout has been combined with being an awarded marketer, innovator, and strategist with twenty years of experience in diverse leadership roles. Boasting a slew of accolades and experience in the field, Hall is also a mental health advocate and TEDx speaker.

With people desperate for an antidote to the depleting impacts of the pandemic, clients like Google, Deloitte, ANZ, Facebook, TikTok, Rio Tinto, AMPOL, AGL, Nine Entertainment, and The Marketing Academy have been choosing EnergX for their data-led, evidence-informed program design and its practical and immediate impact on people's personal and work lives.

Professor David Alais from The University of Sydney School of Psychology has reviewed the EnergX approach and results and had this to say; "As a psychologist and neuroscientist, I admire how Energx has built on evidence from both fields to design remarkably effective applications that overcome and prevent burnout, in short time frames. Their new AI-based platform will allow a large-scale rollout of his successful program to make a positive impact on many lives."

Recently launched in the US and 8 countries in the EU, with their signature retention program The X Factor, which helps teams to overcome pandemic burnout in just 100 days.

The proprietary data-led, evidence-informed approach combines scalable AI (Artificial Intelligence) coaching, experiential learning, leadership development, and employee experience design to mitigate the human risks associated with the delivery of strategic objectives and stakeholder promises.

Hall's perspective is that "The success of any business will be determined by the collective energy of its people, so the companies that excel in times of uncertainty will be those who invest in building the capacity of their workforce to innovate and create value. The bonus is that this investment will also double as the best retention strategy right now too."

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation (SCHF) has also worked with EnergX. Erica Nelson, a registered psychologist and Head of Leadership at SCHF, credits the program with reinvigorating their culture and helping to reverse a decline in engagement.

"We are a charity, so we don't spend money lightly. Any money we spend on ourselves doesn't go to the hospital, so we need to show that what money we are spending on ourselves impacts our performance and our ability to raise more money. 89% of our staff improved their scores from our pre-assessment to our post-assessments. So we saw big shifts in their wellbeing behaviors and how they were feeling, which is fantastic." Nelson said.

Another misconception that EnergX is proving wrong is that significant change requires significant time. The program is designed to only be around 1% of working hours yet positively impacts the remaining 99% and 100% of employees' personal lives.

"Great leaders leave their people better than they found them", says Hall, "So to all the leaders out there who aspire to be great, now is the time, to be honest with yourself and your opportunity to help your people come out of the pandemic better than they went in".

About Energx

The team at EnergX focuses on certain behaviors and processes that cause burnout, crush creativity and stifle inclusion to significantly improve belonging, engagement, and retention.

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