WorkSocial's extraordinary growth amidst the pandemic

The disrupted workforce and working behaviour of companies and working individuals became WorkSocial's advantage amidst the pandemic. Despite getting rid of office spaces at the time, companies still needed to continue their usual business operations which required staff meetings and constant communication across all departments. Many companies still require an ideal workspace without keeping and maintaining huge offices in central business districts. That is where WorkSocial came in - to provide business solutions while redefining a typical workday by making it more productive, holistic, and purpose-driven.

Founded by Natasha Mohan, a thought leader whose passion for driving "Happiness in the Workplace" has granted the company many highly satisfied clients, WorkSocial has grown exponentially despite increased competition throughout the pandemic. It is also continuously rated as New Jersey's best coworking space that demonstrates thought leadership in its holistic workday approach.

Future-proofing coworking spaces

Its all-inclusive business solutions cover the requirements of tech giants, notable firms, small business owners, and local entrepreneurs alike. WorkSocial has also worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Google, Facebook, and JP Morgan. With the benefit of the company's Enterprise Coworking(TM) that offers secure workspace suites, professionals who work within sensitive sectors can conduct their discussions and operations at ease, making WorkSocial an ideal working environment despite global challenges.

Clients raved about WorkSocial's virtual workspace services, the ease in conducting training sessions within their facility, and the way WorkSocial continues to deliver utmost client satisfaction. Some of the company's notable enhancements include hospital-level cleaning protocols, a convenient booking app, sit-stand desks by Wayfair, and ergonomic chairs by Shark Tank winner, ALL33. Because of its commendable operations well-loved by new and repeat clients alike, WorkSocial experienced an 80% sales growth in 2022 compared to the same time last year. Sales are also projected to have a 300% increase by 2023 as the company continues to experience exceptional success.

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