WorkSocial Review 2022: Consistently rated New Jersey's best coworking space

What started as a vision to create an ideal workday where people get things done and achieve fulfilling careers led founder Natasha Mohan to establish New Jersey's favourite workspace, WorkSocial.

WorkSocial is a coworking space with two locations in New Jersey, as well as Manhattan, and alliances in Downtown Los Angeles, and locations around the nation, designed with the clients' end goal in mind. Questions like, "How do our clients work and what do they want out of their coworking space?" and "How can they be more productive so they can achieve their business goals and make their dreams a reality?" were the starting points of their concept and those questions still drive the founders to this day, as they continue enhancing and improving WorkSocial to achieve utmost client satisfaction. "Happiness in the workplace" is WorkSocial's simple yet powerful goal.

A passion-driven "Why" makes WorkSocial a top-of-mind choice

With a brand "Why" that's anchored in finding solutions to personal goals and experiences, everything else about its highly commended overall service follows. Top-notch technologies are implemented at WorkSocial, including DE-CIX as their internet provider that offers the most advanced Layer 2 switching platforms in the industry, allowing instant peering with hundreds of networks via the DE-CIX route servers. WorkSocial's wireless network is also secured by Cisco Meraki, the leader in cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing, and security. The coworking space's wireless network automatically assigns rules and enforces policies for each user class, allowing clients to custom access and control over their network.

The brand's purpose-driven "Why" is at the centre of all these outstanding technologies. Natasha Mohan, WorkSocial's Founder & CEO, shares, "My mission was to help my community find purpose in everything they did. I decided to start at work. So I decided to build a space that humanised their workday. A space with the mission of bringing happiness back to work."

Happiness in the Workplace

WorkSocial's Community Vision of "bringing a community together from different industries so they can learn from each other" and "Happiness in the Workplace, as we grow serving different industries" has granted its high praises from new and repeat clients alike. The company currently has a 4.9-star rating on Google.

Chani Schonblum raved about her productivity at WorkSocial. She shared, "I love WorkSocial! I was looking for an office space so that I could get out of the house (especially during covid with two kids at home) and WorkSocial was perfect as an office space and so much more. My first day here, I was more efficient and productive than 2 weeks at home."

Another one from Kathy Borst commended WorkSocial for their services and amenities. She said, "The WorkSocial team is fantastic! They are professional, kind and courteous. They truly care about making your work experience the best that it can be. The office is clean and the kitchen is always well-stocked with healthy food. I highly recommend using their services."

Even WorkSocial's social responsibility was highly commended. A review by Richard Rivera spoke fondly about it and said: "What can I say? WorkSocial quite literally puts food on my table when being on disability. I am left with virtually nothing at the end of the month to buy food with. They are compassionate, respectful and treat everyone with dignity." Rivera was on the receiving end of WorkSocial's donations at the height of the pandemic.

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Pau Evans
Senior Journalist

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