Waev Sports Raise Headlines By Making Sustainable Swimwear and Giving Back to Community

Helena Spiridis and Tom Evans started Waev in the Spring of 2020 in Melbourne, Australia, at 19. They came up with the idea while abroad in Greece, competing in professional tennis tournaments. Unfortunately, lockdowns forced them to return home to Australia. They ended up being in lockdown for eight months, preventing them from travelling and pursuing their dreams of becoming full-time professional tennis players. This caused them to lose money because they could not compete and coach. One day while under lockdown, they began developing their swimwear and athletic apparel. They initiated a brainstorming session to determine the name of their new company.

Helena and Tom have always had a great enthusiasm for healthy living, sustainability, having fun, and being boundless, which they knew they wanted to integrate into their new company endeavour. The name Waev was inspired by the ocean since, like in life, there are sometimes calm seas and other times turbulent waves. However, people will always return to the coast in some way. This led Helena and Tom to choose the name wave, which they then gave their unique spin by spelling "Waev."

Waev is an exciting startup that offers affordable and high-quality swimwear, but the best part is that it gives back to its community.

Many individuals appreciate the intangible benefit of giving--a pleasant sense of togetherness and the pleasure of at least attempting to make the world a better place. There are, nevertheless, actual advantages. While we frequently emphasize how saving may lead to a better life, it is also crucial to remember to be a giver.


Giving back may be one of the most fundamental values in life. Those who donate often benefit from giving in ways other than financial gain.

It has been said that the poor will always be among us, yet in recent years, these discrepancies have expanded by leaps and bounds.

With the globe in the grip of a pandemic, the necessity of giving back has grown. Nonprofits and community groups are feeling the burden of rising demand for services from those in need, while financing for many has begun to dry up.

Most individuals donate to charity because they believe in the cause or because it has had a significant impact on their lives. Donations may be much more than simply monetary, and with social distancing measures in place, it may require some ingenuity to think of methods to give back to your community.

Waev gives back to the community by donating a part of its income to charitable organizations. A percentage of its recent revenues up to May 1 is going to a project called Rescue Children, which is an organization that fights and rescues children from child trafficking, among other things. Waev also makes swimwear and yoga pants out of recycled plastic bottles (called reprieve fabric) and biodegradable packaging and thank you notes made from recycled paper implanted with botanical seeds.

If learning how to give back to the community sounds like a heroic endeavour, it's your limiting beliefs at work. The fact is that everyone's life experience is unique, and your collection of experiences provides you with talents and perspectives that no one else has. To give back, you don't have to be flawless, and all you need is the confidence in yourself to embrace what you have to give.

So, what is the significance of giving back to the community? Not only will your actions aid people who benefit from your generosity, but you will also earn a personal feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment from your efforts and physical and mental health advantages.

Once you get into the practice of giving back regularly, even if it's only a tiny amount, it will feel more natural and straightforward. Remember that the key to life is to give. Begin contributing to the world around you today and be ready to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Knowing oneself is essential for giving back. When you understand what motivates you, you can give back in a more lasting and meaningful way, just like what Waev is doing today.

Helena Spiridis and Tom Evans
Waev Sports

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