Vegan Leather Bags: The rise of Aubrey Jai Fashion Collection

Bags have always been a staple among ladies and fashionistas.

Given its importance and broad use, do we prefer vegan and sustainable choices to their alternative leather that is sustainable for the environment?

This is exactly what Jonathan Sams, the founder of the Aubrey Jai Collection, believes.

His daughter Aubrey inspired the Aubrey Jai line. The Aubrey Jai collection, like his daughter, is unique and stands out from the crowd.

"Once I knew I was having a daughter, I could not wait to share my love of fashion and trends with her. I designed this bag with her in mind. My daughter is unique in every way possible just like the shape of these handbags. She is not afraid to stand out or be the center of attention. As you can tell by our handbags they are not to be blended in," Jonathan said.

His fashion company strives to stop animal cruelty by utilizing plant-based materials that are environmentally friendly.

The premium bags are made from plant-based materials, which sets it apart from other fashion products.

Aubrey Jai joins a growing list of designers using plant-based leather substitutes, including Allbirds, Hermes, Reformation, and Stella McCartney.

Plant leather bags (produced from edible waste such as apple skins and pineapple leaves) are more malleable and eco-friendly than animal-sourced leather.

The bags' inside are eco-friendly, featuring 100% recycled plastic bottle linings. Each bag collects 21 bottles that otherwise would have been thrown.

One customer said, "I fell in love with these bags, very different and out of the box. Quality is A1 and you will definitely be getting a bang for your buck. The purse is spacious inside and I can't wait to rock this purse on my birthday. I will be back soon. Packaging was also nice."

The pyramid-shaped bags from Aubrey Jai Collection's finest reflect four wonderful principles that may be brought together to produce one incredible outcome, similar to a pyramid, which has four bases that meet to form one pyramid.

One of their best-selling products is the spring collection which comes in multiple colors to choose from like pastel blue & pastel, pink pyramid, yellow, and pastel and black.

Along with its website and Instagram handle, the brand is available on all major eCommerce portals, including Instagram, and Facebook.

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