Unleashed Platinum is set to release the newest and latest in the NFT industry, leaving investors and collectors thrilled.

NFT hasn't been around that very long, but the industry seems to be sweeping the world--physical and digital, by storm. Though many investors are still trying to figure out sustainability and how to make the most out of the market, many agree NFTs aren't going anywhere.

In the first quarter of 2021 alone, the NFT market surged by 2,100%, and reports have shown that the industry has stabilized in the subsequent quarters. According to data, at the end of 2021, it reached more than $40 billion in value. Some take this as further confirmation that the industry is here to stay.

This 2022, hundreds of thousands of collectors and investors will race to acquire more digital art and collectibles as many creators have created and minted NFTs on several blockchains. One NFT that stands out and is gaining momentum is Unleashed Platinum. World-renowned creators have come together to develop the newest and latest offerings for NFT, treating consumers to a collection of 3D art featuring collectibles with multiple angles, poses, facial expressions, and fashion.

The architects behind this new NFT have also drafted plans for Unleashed Platinum to be the first High Fashion art gallery to make public exhibitions in the metaverse.

Creators of Unleashed Platinum see the platform as a way for collectors to gain access to authentic, high-fashion digital collectibles, and as a vehicle to inspire and elevate the status of the coming generations.

Following the launch of its social media channels, exclusive clothing line featuring images from the NFT collection, and NFT merchant app in the first quarter, Unleashed Platinum will launch the collection on Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721, acquisition of digital land in the metaverse, and dole out of perks and rewards for diamond hand-holders.

By the end of the third quarter, Unleashed Platinum intends to give back and donate to charities. While this isn't unheard of for NFT creators, Unleashed Platinum plans to do it differently. In a rare move, the creators will have the community identify which charities and non-profit organizations they want the donations to go to.

The third quarter will also see several real-life events and meet-and-greet opportunities for both founders and community members.

By the end of 2022, the community will see the new home clubhouse in the metaverse, expansion plans, and more rewards for long-term supporters and holders.

Unleashed Platinum creators are confident that the uniqueness of their NFTs and their goal of ensuring investments are highly profitable will lead to an unquenchable thirst for more of the collectibles. Already, they're creating a buzz in the online community. In fact, Unleashed Platinum now has over 10,000 members on Discord, Twitter, and other social handles after opening its VIP Whitelist.







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Unleashed Platinum

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