Top Marketing Automation Agencies 2022 - Why Geeky Media ranked number 1

Automating tedious and repetitive admin tasks allows entrepreneurs to focus more on the crucial aspects of the business. One of its latest innovations is automating sales and marketing processes like email sequences, social media posting, and ad campaigns.

When done correctly, marketing automation provides the clients a seamless and efficient journey along the sales funnel, which results in relevant leads and better data processing - that's why it's best to choose a marketing automation agency that knows the ins and outs of the industry.

Take Geekly Media, for example, founded by Heather and Michael Park, who already have a proven track record of successful campaigns through RentBridge, their property management and marketing automation company.

What marketing automation agency to choose in 2022

The best way to start marketing automation is to identify which marketing and sales action items people should do and which ones can be automated. Those steps that are best left to the robots will be the basis of key features in what marketing automation software to use or if engaging with actual automation specialists is absolutely necessary.

3. eTrigue for B2B

The business-to-business or B2B segment tends to have lesser digitised processes compared to its B2C counterpart, but that's where eTrigue comes in. The platform's intuitive user interface has functionalities designed specifically for catering B2B marketing. It is also commended for its exceptional customer service.

2. Hubspot for the full customer journey

Also considered as an all-in-one automation platform, Hubspot is renowned for its range of inbound marketing tools that can cater to the entire customer journey. Digital marketing agencies are highly satisfied with Hubspot's focus and expertise on blogging, SEO, social media, leads management, and website automation tools.

1. Geekly Media for the right mix of technology and human ingenuity

Geekly operates on that middle ground where technology and human ingenuity meet to create automation that still feels personalised. As a Hubspot Diamond Partner, Geekly offers HubSpot onboarding, portal audits, and integrations to see all the data in one place. Proven and tested methods paired with intent-based digital marketing campaigns earned Geekly Media the high praises of its clients from different industries. This marketing automation agency also offers curated content and guided DIY services for entrepreneurs who want to be more hands-on with their marketing campaigns while taking advantage of the spare time provided by the automated processes.

Geekly Media is set to become one of the renowned name brands of marketing automation in 2022. Learn more about them at

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