Top Financial Advisor, Founder and CEO of Capital Resource Group Weighs In on Planning Your Finances for Retirement

In 2021, 38% of Americans felt they needed to work with a financial advisor, increasing significantly compared to 2020. With everything the world has endured over the past few years, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking for guidance in handling their finances.

Fortunately, financial advisors everywhere are stepping up their game. This includes Capital Resource Group's Houston Harrison, one of Arkansas' top advisors. He has been helping clients accomplish their financial goals and aspirations in the state for more than 25 years.

Harrison and his firm are focused on helping retirees reduce financial risk while also growing and structuring their assets for efficiency.

"The goal is to minimize taxes throughout retirement and assist families in leaving a lasting legacy to the people and causes they hold dear," Harrison said.

To do exactly this, Harrison and his team at Capital Resource Group have developed and refined a proprietary process they call the "Redzone Retirement Roadmap". This specifically addresses the concerns of retirees and helps them make important decisions for a successful retirement.

"We prioritize asset protection, growth, income planning, healthcare, tax efficiency, and estate planning," Harrison said. When proper planning is done with an advisor who is skilled in addressing all of these areas, it can make a huge impact in a retiree's ability to stretch savings throughout the retirement years and have peace of mind knowing that a well-designed plan is in place that's specifically modeled for them."

Beyond helping their clients handle their finances to prepare for retirement, Capital Resource Group believes that people should learn about taking care of their finances themselves.

"We empower our clients through education," Harrison said. "We want our clients to feel less stress about their financial situations when they work with and learn from us."

Aside from this, Capital Resource Group's secret to success is measured growth. They only take on new clients who are a good fit and for whom they can have the most impact, while adding qualified staff to maintain service consistency.

"2020 and 2021 have been our best years yet," Harrison claimed. "We are on track to double our business in 2022."

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