This Student-Led NFT Project is Sparking a New Digital Culture Combining Memes, Art, and Blockchain

With the explosion in popularity of NFTs in 2021, 2022 seems to be a year where, as some experts predicted, there is a sobering of the euphoria in the market. Consumers are no longer apeing into NFT projects that do not offer value or innovation to the space; the market is ready for something new. The young team of NoNameCharli brings a vision of unity to the blockchain community, and a fresh take on meme culture to the NFT space.

The creators [middle schoolers and high schoolers] of the NFT project NoNameCharli utilize digital art to raise social awareness of decentralization and blockchain technology. Their journey began during the quarantine of 2020 as they learned about cryptos, and NFTs, and eventually deep-dived into their underlying technology - blockchain. As they fell in love with the potential for change blockchain offered the world, along with the fun degen culture, they decided to get involved and create something unique.

"Our collection is not like any other project before. It's something completely new. It's a meme collection designed to circulate, spread awareness, celebrate blockchain culture, and educate people new to this industry," says one of the founders.

They decided to use a character named Charli, a stick figure in each meme going through the crypto journey, to express their views on historical and current affairs.

An example of their art shows Elon Musk rocking the crypto market with his tweets:

"It's designed to work as an art collection that really reflects the zeitgeist of the times and expresses social commentary," says the project founder.

The team believes that there are only a limited number of NFT projects that address the current issues in an accessible and innovative way.

"You know all the crazy things that are going on all over the world. We are living through history. And we can see that many of these issues and events are connected and that blockchain is an innovation that is taking center stage to deal with issues such as financial sovereignty, decentralization of power, and censorship. There's no collection that points out all of these things. It's art, it's memes, it's history, it's education, it's a movement, it's value-driven NFT. We are even working on adding a passive income stream as we extend the project into the metaverse," she adds.

NFT Collection with a Social Commentary

The project's approach to the audience is through a digital art collection covering different categories: culture, education, projects, people, commemoration, and vision.

"If you take a look at our set, you will see that each one of the memes tells a story, and our collection as a whole makes a statement about blockchain technology, its culture, and how it gives solutions/hope for our world--it's much needed."

The founders of NoNameCharli explained that the image depicts people who are more conventional and would prefer a centralized system. In contrast, some who are more forward-thinking believe decentralization is the way to solve some problems, such as those who do not have access to the old banking system.

"There are more people who have access to the internet compared to people who have access to traditional banks. Taking advantage of this and the potential of the technology can help people access financial management in the most convenient way. And this is what people don't see. This is what this project aims to do. To open the eyes of the people and find opportunity in what technology can provide," says the creators of Charli.

The image shown above is just one of NoNameCharli's 5000 NFT collection of memes about all things blockchain; cryptos, NFTs, metaverse, web3, and more.

NoNameCharli's developers used this type of art to spark a conversation because they believe that the influence of memes is more effective in sending a message across the globe compared to their more conventional counterparts.

NoNameCharli might not be as fancy as the other NFTs, but one thing that gets it on the road to becoming one of the biggest NFT collections is the satirical message each art contains. The sub-community within the collection is also one of NoNameCharli's prides.

The collection has different rarities in five levels and virality potential in four tiers. So each of the 250 original memes has 20 editions to form its own sub-community. It also has different types of hats. Each hat indicates the different stages: noob, sophomore, bold adventurer, real success, and sovereign.

Who is Charli, and Why Does He Have No Name?

"Charli is anyone and everyone in the crypto or NFT space. He's us, he's you. And our story is that we're mostly just a group of young nobody who started from scratch. We are 8th graders and high schoolers trying to change the world," share the founders.

Young team, Big dream

Although NoNameCharli's young creators aren't as experienced in the digital world, they shared that getting their message out there and influencing people to use blockchain for good is their ultimate goal.

According to them, "We started from zero, and every step was done by the team, composed mostly of very young individuals without prior experience or skill sets. However, our goal was to embrace the challenges and not use our inexperience as an excuse to not do our best."

Bringing out the true essence of combining passion and purpose, they shared, "We just really love all things blockchain and the possibility that we can have a positive impact on the world. That was enough for us to come together and work towards a bigger purpose we believe in."

NNC will continue to market and promote all of the memes. The founders are also working with new and upcoming artists to make sure that their collection remains unconventional and trending, raising the value of originals.

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