Theadina Von Seyfried: Discovering Life and Passion

A face that could launch a thousand ships. This is Theadina Von Seyfried. A model, actress, philanthropist, and humanitarian. Her beauty exudes from within. Her outer appearance is not the only thing people admire about her but also her kindness and genuine love for the people around her.

But behind her smile and her exuding warmth is a woman who has fought inner battles alone. A battle that made her a stronger and even better woman than before.

"My father passed away in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. I changed into a different person. It took me some time to get out of that deep black hole of sadness, but I know my father would not want me to be sad forever. He'd want me to go after my goals & dreams which is exactly what I am doing now. So I'd like to fulfill this wish of mine," Theadina says.

Being an actress and businesswoman is not the only thing she wants to pursue. She also aims to help more people along the way. Her father's passing became her strength and reason to be a vessel of inspiration to others.

"I feel stronger and more focused now. I feel a relentless pursuit to go after my goals. I won't let anything stop me. Not even my own lack of self-esteem or confidence, which I feel has been my main issue is not believing in yourself," says Theadina.

She conducted charity in addition to acting and modeling, donating to organizations and cash to aid people all over the world.

Theadina plans to create a skincare brand in 2022, focusing on poor women, as part of her desire to serve people in whatever way she can. She aspires to give high-quality skincare at a reasonable price. Theadina utilized her celebrity to help the poor and to teach the world that the secret to a happy life is to help others, just as she has done.

Senior Journalist
James Nottingham

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