The woman behind Fantasy Digital and how she'll change the adult industry forever

Fantasy Digital is set to become the top adult ecosystem globally. But who is behind this revolutionary platform?

Lorilee Fedler, the CEO of Fantasy Digital, is an industry disruptor entrepreneur who has been creating successful businesses for more than 18 years. She makes a difference in whatever business she puts her attention to.

In 2004, she created a lingerie store, Eye Kandee Lingerie Canada, that catered to all genders and sizes before it was the norm, and went on to create Canada's top-selling cannabis advent calendar at Coast to Coast Medicinals.

Although most thought it was for fun, she created it mainly to help people with anxiety, stress, and other medical illnesses get through a stressful/painful month.

Over the years, Lorilee has met hundreds of women in the adult industry. After hearing on multiple occasions how girls were being taken advantage of, doing scenes they didn't want to do, or having to pay high fees just to be on a site, Lorilee knew she had to make a difference in the adult entertainment world. Not just for women, but for all adult content creators.

In 2021, Lorilee teamed up with a couple of friends to create a new, safer world for all adult content creators and called it Fantasy Digital.

Fantasy Digital is an adult entertainment ecosystem that aims to empower uncensored creators by assisting them in showcasing their work and giving the creators control over the ecosystem via the CreatorsDAO. It also has the Participate-to-Earn concept, which allows fans and creators to earn passive revenue by participating in the ecosystem.

"Fantasy Digital is on a mission to allow adult industry professionals to be in a safe and secure environment. We are incredibly passionate about the adult entertainment industry, and we believe that technology can help make it better. Through blockchain, we can take steps to control this platform in an effective way so that it is less likely to be abused by criminals," says Lorilee.

She created Fantasy Digital with a mission to help and provide an ecosystem for content creators. There are reasons why her creation will soar over other adult platforms. One is that content creators are given 95% + Creators DAO (content creators get a vote on how the ecosystem is run) and instant payouts to creators. Secondly, is that it provides multiple streams of income for creators. Fantasy Digital also welcomes all-gender content creators, 18+, who cater to multiple fetishes and fantasies and have a lifetime upgradeable NFT membership.

With Lorilee's Fantasy Digital coming into existence, adult creators will be supported in creating a better life for themselves.

To learn more about Fantasy Digital and to be a part of its ecosystem, you can visit its website.

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