The unparalleled strategy of this first-generation, immigrant-owned logistics company is taking over the industry

It is no secret that starting a logistics company is no easy feat. In fact, it is one of the most challenging businesses to create and maintain because of the high cost of entry and the need for significant experience in the industry.

The market is also notorious for its complexity as several different moving parts need to be considered. For a new company to be successful, it must have a team of experienced individuals who know the industry's ins and outs.

As if starting a business in logistics isn't hard enough, it's doubly challenging for an immigrant because of cultural differences and language barriers. Many immigrants are not fluent in English, which makes communication with potential customers difficult.

Having the legal hurdles immigrants face when starting a business added into the mix makes perfect concoction for an impossible goal. From getting the proper visas to dealing with complex tax laws, there are many things to navigate. This can be expensive and time-consuming, taking away time better spent on growing the business.

Despite the challenges that immigrant business owners face, Speed C CHB Inc.'s founder was able to surpass them and established an ever-expanding and multi-location company.

Succeeding against all odds

The logistics industry might be a complicated business to pursue, but several entrepreneurs are still drawn to its high potential for growth and profitability. It's not surprising that Speed C CHB Inc.'s founder, despite being an immigrant, was enamoured with it.

While it's likely that the company has several business tricks up its sleeve, it's the never-changing goal of providing personalized service to the trade community that has attracted customers from all over the world to patronize and do business with Speed C CHB Inc. One proof that the company has gained customer loyalty is how it has grown over the years.

Today, Speed C CHB Inc. has expanded to multiple locations - Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago - enabling it to cater to a broader range of clients across the country.

Adding value to customers

Every entrepreneur would agree that customers constantly look for value in the products, goods, or services they purchase. They don't just want something that meets their needs, but one that is better than what they can get from competitors. This is what drives businesses to innovate and create products and services that are unique.

Value can be added in many ways, such as through better quality, more features, greater convenience, or a better overall experience. It's essential for businesses to constantly think about how to add more value to customers, as this will keep them coming back.

In the case of Speed C CHB Inc, it's well known for establishing itself as a one-stop shop for the supply chain - from inventory and distribution, to custom clearance, and customer services.

Custom Brokerage

With its team of qualified and knowledgeable staff in the area of customs brokerage, Speed C CHB Inc. can provide invaluable knowledge and service to clients' import and export requirements and needs. In addition to the various governmental regulatory requirements, the company also assists importers in technical areas such as valuation and product classification.

Speed C CHB is also licensed with the US Customs and Border Protection and linked electronically to the US Customs through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI).

Strategic Locations

Perhaps one of the strongest suits of Speed C CHB Inc. is its leadership board's ability to make strategic decisions. For instance, the decision for expansion wasn't just for growth's sake and to cater to the ever-growing client base of the company.

Its LA customs brokerage office enables the company to provide international logistics services to a broader range of customers importing and exporting goods as it's only 1.3 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport and minutes away from the Port of Long Beach.

"When importing or exporting, people will need to be responsible for knowing all the customs compliance like dealing with regulations and government agencies. Unfortunately, that can get confusing, and that's why it's recommended to reach out to a customs broker," says Speed C CHB Inc.'s representative.

If the LA office covers importation and exportation on the west coast, Speed C CHB Inc.'s NY customs brokerage office handles the east coast transactions. Like the company's LA office, which is strategically located near airports and seaports, the NY hub is positioned a few minutes away from the JFK International Airport and the Port of New York and New Jersey. Building an office in this area is a calculated move as it enables the company to serve transactions to and from the Atlantic region.

Together, the LA and NY offices enable the company to move goods from coast to coast and through international borders faster.

The Chicago customs brokerage office was also established near the state's biggest airport - the Chicago O'Hare Airport. As one of the largest air traffic hubs in the U.S., being stationed nearby enables the company to process requirements and transport goods speedily.

Speed C CHB Inc. has also set up a CFS warehouse in all three hubs to provide a place for companies to store their inventory and products. Clients find value in this because of the warehouse's secure and climate-controlled environment. There's also 24/7 security, flexible storage options, and a dedicated team to assist in order fulfilment and product distribution.

The company's strategic approach to providing value to its customers has undoubtedly made it a key player in supply chain management, making it one of the go-to logistics companies in the US and worldwide. Check out the company's official website for more information about the services offered.

Speed C CHB Inc.

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