The Top 5 Mental Health Experts (And Why Dr. Elizabeth Cortez Is #1)

The past few years will undoubtedly be remembered as turbulent times marked by uncertainty and worry. Between the constant state of social unrest and businesses and relationships breaking down, the pandemic has taken a toll on most people's mental health in one way or another.

There is an influx of people opening up more and seeking professional help, leading to experts looking for new ways to reach more people. It is only right to recognize some of the top mental health professionals for their continuous dedication and commitment to supporting the world in these trying times.

5. Lisa Romano

As a life coach, author, and relationship specialist, Lisa Romano is one of the best mental health professionals out there. She specializes in helping people reclaim their lives by reprogramming old thought patterns and healing distorted subconscious childhood thoughts. She is a specialist in codependency, narcissistic abuse, and raising consciousness.

4. Francesca Hogi

A speaker, writer, and coach on love and dating, Francesca Hogi does everything for the glory of true love. That is why she established The True Love Society movement and community in 2020, where she hosts monthly dating masterclasses, Q&As, and workshops. Aside from this, she's a Digital Romance contributor for and the host of the Dear Franny relationship podcast. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, and other publications.

3. Sara Kuburic

"The Millennial Therapist" Sara Kuburic helps people navigate complex relationships as a psychotherapist by using existential analysis, as well as somatic and experiential approaches. She focuses on trauma and abuse, identity, self-love and interpersonal relationships, life transitions, and anxiety. Aside from being a therapist, Sara is also a consultant, author, and a columnist for USA Today.

2. Lisa Fei

Clarity, a relationship wellness platform, was founded by Lisa Fei. Her mission is to assist individuals in effectively manoeuvring through every stage and facet of their relationships, which arguably have the largest impact on a person's mental health and overall wellbeing. That is why Clarity is the "go-to site for your love life." They encourage real, uncensored discussions with more than 50 renowned professionals teaming up to help people develop better, more meaningful, and enduring relationships.

1. Lisa Cortez

With more than two decades in the mental health field, Dr. Lisa Cortez has become known as The Anxiety Dr. She not only conducts one-on-one therapy sessions, Dr. Lisa has started a weekly podcast to reach more people, especially the Latino community. Soon, she will be launching her NFT project, Moody Mink Society, to bring the first ever META-tation center to the Metaverse. Every Mink holder will have access to personal development and mental health workshops hosted by professionals. Dr. Lisa has been featured in numerous magazines and local news stations, and has been hired to be a keynote speaker by Microsoft.

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