The Three Rich Women sheds light on the realities of being an empowered woman

Author Lily Fiore sheds light on some of the commonly unseen issues of a glamorized life through her first book, The Three Rich Women.

"Words have the power to inform, educate, and shift societal perspectives, which is why I feel so passionately about writing," she shares.

Fiore aims to introduce new perspectives, challenge existing ones, and create a more empowered society - especially women - through her written works.

The Three Rich Women

Heavily emphasizing the pain points of gender inequality and how life is more than just monetary riches, Lily Fiore's Three Rich Women is ready to challenge societal norms.

The book is all about empowering women through impactful key takeaways from real-life scenarios told vividly through the perspectives of three characters.

When asked about the inspiration behind The Three Rich Women, Fiore responded, "The idea behind the story is to show the world that wealth is not everything, but because my characters are practical, they also know the value of money. The three rich women in the book value money. However, they have also come to understand that there are more important things than wealth in this life."

The collection of three very short stories is told by three female leads: one who is rich and famous, one who is powerful and successful, and one who is born into a rich family. Their individual stories provide more thought-provoking insights to the realities of the lifestyles a lot of women aspire to have and how these lifestyles are not as glamorous as they are made to be.

Described as an easy read and intended for busy women who barely have time in the day to do leisure activities, The Three Rich Women is available for digital download on Amazon, making it more convenient to read on the go. The Three Rich Women is only available digitally via the Kindle Reader or the Kindle App.

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2022 and beyond

Lily Fiore aims to continue writing about the unspoken challenges of mainstream society through her future works. She says, "I want to continue inspiring people in this world to achieve great heights and to overcome the toughest of challenges. I want to be the author who uplifts people and helps to shift societal perspectives towards a more loving and caring world."

Her aspirations and how she successfully incorporates them into her writing earned her high praises from her readers, including this review on that says, "I, consequently, rate the publication 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to feminists or readers who enjoy stories with the theme of women's liberation."

Avid readers can expect more engaging and enlightening novels as Fiore creates stories that make people more aware of life's underlying challenges.

James Nottingham
Senior Journalist

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