The Rise and Rise of Dr. Elizabeth Cortez

Dr. Elizabeth "Lisa" Cortez is known as one of the top psychotherapists specialising in anxiety, earning her the nickname of The Anxiety Dr. She has more than two decades of experience in the mental health field, with a masters degree in rehabilitation counselling and a doctorate in psychology. Despite all of this, it was not an easy road to accomplish her goals.

Starting the Mission

When she started her practice 14 years ago in the border town of McAllen, Texas, there were only 4 private practice therapists for a population of 1.5 million people. It was no wonder Dr. Lisa was fully booked within three weeks of opening her office. Even then, she wanted to do more.

Back then, it was difficult for Latinos to accept the need to seek help from a mental health professional. Dr. Lisa wanted to reach out to them, and beyond, in an attempt to de-stigmatize the historical misconceptions of mental health needs. So when the epidemic struck, she began hosting free meditations on Facebook and Instagram. Here, people could help themselves in the comfort of their own home without having to look away from the judging eyes of the public. Suffice to say, her profile quickly exploded.

To accommodate more people, aside from her one-on-one therapy sessions, Dr. Lisa conducted safe and empowering group sessions for women. Her goal was to eliminate her clients' fears and anxieties, change their mindset, and optimize their lives together. A lot of women continue to praise Dr. Lisa for helping them feel alive again and motivated to achieve their dreams.

After that, Dr. Lisa explored the world of podcasts, establishing her weekly show, The Anxiety Dr. Podcast. This is where she openly talks about and offers tips on eliminating anxiety, fear, and stress to help people live the life they really want without worries.

The Next Steps

Dr. Lisa now continues to expand her reach in the mental health world by jumping into the web space with her NFT collection, the Moody Mink Society. This will bring a META-tation center to the Metaverse and fund her dream of going to schools across the US to teach succinct and easy coping skills that students and teachers alike can use to lessen their everyday stress.

This NFT project aims to help in normalizing the importance of taking care of our mental health before any problems may present. That is why each holder of an NFT is granted access to different personal development and mental health workshops hosted by professionals.

How It's Going

Since she launched the podcast and the women's groups, Dr. Lisa has helped people eliminate their anxiety by empowering them. She never forgets to remind them to take care of their mental health. Because of her many speaking engagements and community education, there has been an influx of therapists and mental professionals everywhere.

Although she has been featured in numerous magazines and local news stations and was hired by Microsoft as a keynote speaker, this is not her ultimate mission. From the very start, she has been an advocate for normalizing mental health issues in the Latino community. WIth her unrivaled dedication and commitment to her cause, there is no doubt that Dr. Lisa will continue to rise in her profession and help many more people along the way.

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