The Hinterland Group's Latest Investment Strategy - Founder Chase Sabina sees opportunities post-pandemic

Founder and Director for Strategy Chase Sabina shares how his creative ads campaign agency, The Hinterland Group, transformed naturally into a private equity firm.

As an influencer and brand photographer, Sabina was initially preoccupied with scaling his platform and expanding his presence. As his scope grew, he noticed a considerable gap in how brands managed their marketing campaigns. They were scrambling to figure out what to do with the content they created after paying influencers millions of dollars.

These brands then turned to Sabina for input, getting free advice on how to make the most of their marketing. It was this time that The Hinterland Group transitioned from creative ads to corporate management consulting. Everything worked out well for the firm.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the nation, the team had to take a step back and reevaluate where it was spending its time, energy, and resources. Sabina was quick to envision a post-covid world, with a reinvigorated market, where consumer-facing brands would have an influx of customers eager to spend their money.

Most brands don't have sufficient resources and operating capital to finance a marketing campaign. Sabina saw an opportunity to expand the firm's reach in large proportions. He decided to invest in these companies and offer The Hinterland Group's expertise in creative ads and content creation in exchange for deferred payment arrangements and a seat on the board. His strategy would provide brands with the human and financial capital they needed.

His negotiations with analysts and CFOs sparked another transition for The Hinterland Group. The firm has found itself partnering with several brands and expecting net millions in equity from high-growth industries in the next four to five years.

The Hinterland Group's move to deviate from the traditional brick and mortar model is opening doors for the firm to expand its reach. Currently, it has partnered and allocated capital to boutique restaurants and hotels. At the height of the pandemic, the hospitality industry lost more than $112 billion. As things reopen and people start to travel and dine out, the firm sees a vast market and a potential for the industry to bounce back and recover the losses.

Another one of its recent partnerships involves an independent film production company, Gratwick Enterprises, in Los Angeles. Gratwick seeks to establish a more efficient and ethical studio model where transparency and accountability are a part of the interactive entertainment experience. Through the use of emerging technologies Gratwick is teaming up with communities to build an ecosystem that will provide artists the kind of non-predatory infrastructure they need to succeed in their hometown's and long before there is a pull to run off to Hollywood. The Hinterland Group has invested both human and financial capital into the company to help it build its brand, secure additional financing and capital, and scale the business, which benefits both the company and The Hinterland Group.

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