'The 28 Days Later Formula', from Purple Patch Consulting, is a personal development program that aims to help you become the best version of yourself in just 28 days

For any individual, trying to stop a habit that is not beneficial--or, worse yet, is actively harmful--can be a difficult experience. People often fall into mindless patterns when they do what has become habitual for them. Thankfully, there are scientific, evidence-based techniques, programs, and platforms to break bad habits at work or in personal lives and replace them with something more beneficial going forward.

This August, Purple Patch Consulting, an innovative recruitment and talent acquisition agency based in Sydney, will launch 'The 28 Days Later Formula'; a lecture series designed to encourage individuals to begin making the change and start investing in themselves.

A Power Exchange

The 28 Days Later Formula is a self-development program that includes bite-size presentations from 28 internationally and domestically renowned subject matter experts, according to Tom Hitchcock, Managing Director of Purple Patch Consulting.

"28 Days Later" was created for people who are dedicated to growth and change. It is also intended for people who, at any stage of life, want more from life." Hitchcock explained. "It's about making 'yourself' better, both in terms of health and career. It's about becoming a better negotiator and getting better at 'reading' other people. It's about creating personal and professional 'systems' that give you meaning and happiness."

The program is based on habit formation/breakdown and 'The Domino Effect,' which holds that changing one behavior will change related behaviors as well. It features 28 renowned speakers and industry leaders from all over the world discussing 28 topics to empower people to be their best selves over the course of 28 days. It's advertised as a diverse, morally-sound personal development strategy with no upselling or pressure whatsoever.

"It's a power exchange, that's what it is. Each speaker is equipping you with the secret to their particular tool. The value of power exchange is only as great as you allow it to be. Each of them has the potential to positively change your life for the better," Hitchcock added.

28 Speakers and 28 Topics

Along with Tom Hitchcock, other guests include professionals from a variety of fields, including Tom Cronin (Finance), Catherine Lyell (Health), Johnnie Cass (Lifestyle), Felicity Cohen (Fitness), Shane Fozards (Education), Philippe Guichard (Design), Andrew Morello (Entrepreneurship), Bella Reynolds (Coaching), Olivia Collins (Marketing), Dr. Richard Kaye (Business), Joshua Crampton (Finance/Spirituality), Kristy Obst (MMA), Daniel Tolson (Emotional Intelligence), Peter Williams (Mental Health), Wendy Cole (Productivity), Alan Stevens (Communications), Jennifer McMahon (Purposeful Culture), Luke Fenwick (Growth), Samantha J (Empowerment), Karen Chaston (Healing), Danielle Benzon (Public Speaking), and many more.

The 28 Days Later Formula's official launch is planned for August 2022. Tickets for the lecture series will cost $500 each. However, those who register as part of our pre-launch campaign will qualify for the $98 "SUPEREARLYBIRD" promotion.

Only the first 200 registrants will have the opportunity to take advantage of this deal, so be quick!

For more information on Purple Patch Consulting's The 28 Days Later Formula; check out The 28 Days Later Formula website (where you can also register under promo code 'SUPEREARLYBIRD'.)

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