Teachify Review 2022

The pandemic has supercharged the growth of private tutoring. As homeschooling and lost educational time catches up to students, parents are increasingly worried about their children's learning outcomes.

Primary age pupils are on average five months behind where they would usually be in maths, and four months in reading, according to McKinsey, a consultancy. This fact is likely to be exacerbated by the rise of different virus strains that are sure to appear in the short to medium future. Teachify is one of the leading educational institutions in Australia addressing educational weaknesses across primary and high school students over a range of subjects and disciplines. Teachify offers students and tutors a state-of-the-art teaching platform that maximises interactivity and student engagement.

At the high end of the tutoring industry, Teachify is the most reasonably priced. The company provides a tutor marketplace where students can select from hundreds/thousands of tutors. The tutors are required to write about themselves and submit a 1-2 minute video demo presentation. The aim is that students can get a first-hand experience of what they will eventually receive when they start tutoring.

They cover a range of curriculums from IB to VCE to HSC to WACE; they cover most subjects from humanities to maths and science. Within the site there are teachers who have 25+ years of experience as well as high achievers from recent years. Students are able to select from a wide range of experience levels.

Teachify is a breath of fresh air in a very traditional industry. And with home-schooling fatigue setting in, you might start to hear about this company more and more.


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