Tarnished reputations and lost revenue: Remove Digital combats the heavy financial toll of fake and damaging reviews

It is very easy for a disgruntled customer or employee to leave a nasty review for a business, it is much harder to get that review removed. Thirty per cent of all reviews are suspected to be fake and they are costing global businesses up to $152 billion a year.

"It might be a real customer, a fake one or even a rival business but the one thing that all these reviews have in common is they can make a business feel powerless," says Desmond Dao, co-founder of Remove digital. "We give businesses the tools to fight back."

Remove Digital employs skilled attorneys with defamation and cyber backgrounds who scour the internet to ascertain which reviews are fake and unfair, they also study the terms and condition of review websites so they are armed with the knowledge to torpedo fake reviews.

"Businesses often don't know what options they have and that's where we come in," says Desmond. "We might use the platform's own policy guidelines against them, we might use the country's defamation laws, privacy laws or consumer laws and if the reviews continue to show up we have the ability to report them to the relevant authorities. Businesses need to know that these anonymous posters can not get away with such reputational damage."

International outsourcing company, Bruntwork, discovered a range of fake reviews about the company online and were concerned that it would impact their reputation.

"These reviews would turn up online and we knew they were fake, sometimes we didn't even offer the services that were mentioned," said Adam Pisk, Bruntwork COO. "But we didn't even know where to start to get them taken down, you can reply to them, you can write to the platform but it feels like they will be there forever."

Pisk said that they welcome actual reviews and believe that a lot of good can come from customer feedback, but there has to be recourse for businesses who are being unfairly maligned online.

Remove Digital co-founder Desmond agrees. "There was a malicious attack on my aunt's small business and it nearly destroyed the business and my family," says Desmond. "As a result, she developed acute depression and anxiety and that is what made me want to make a difference and have a lasting, positive impact on society. That incident inspired us to take a stand against fake and damaging reviews."

Remove Digital is committed to combating fraudulent reviews and review gating because they understand that a brand's reputation cannot be bought, it can only be earned.

"It may seem like a joke to the online reviewers," says Bruntwork's Pisk. "But to us it is our reputation and our family's income."

About Remove Digital

Remove Digital is an Australian-based online reputation management company specializing in content suppression and reputation monitoring services. The firm brings together outstanding people in the business with decades of digital marketing expertise and inventiveness. Together, the Remove Digital team has a track record of success in every aspect of online reputation management, making them the best in the industry. They assist small to large enterprises in defending their brand by offering proactive material removal services and creating specialized online reputation management services to keep customers proactive in constructing and keeping a positive online reputation.

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