Supercheap Auto Boosts Tyre Sales With Tyroola

Tyroola, Australia's #1 online tyre eCommerce specialist, and Supercheap Auto have joined forces to provide tyres and fitting both online & in-store in all Supercheap Auto branches all over Australia, with plans for New Zealand within the year.

This new venture strengthens Tyroola's business partnership with Supercheap Auto, which began in 2017, and has since seen big results annually.

In-store SCA Customers can now order and pay for brand new tyres at their favourite SCA branch. Tyroola fulfils and facilitates the order, taking care of inventory, payment, and delivery to the preferred location by one of its partner tyre fitters.

Tyroola Co-Founder and co-CEO Andreas Voss noted that "We aim always to be ahead of the pack in tyre retail technology, and our in-store availability in SuperCheap Auto branches allows us to do that via our customised platform. Tyre shoppers can now view tyre specifications and pricing in-store for a new buying experience that fit their needs."

Tyroola also provides seamless tyre integration on SCA's website for an alternative, easy and convenient way to shop for tyres.

Alessio Puricelli, the company's other CEO, went on to say that "Tyroola's goal is for tyres to be available anywhere to make it easier for customers: online, in-store or on-site at their home or workplace. We are happy that this new in-store tyre buying experience takes the partnership between Tyroola and SuperCheap Auto to the next level."

As the boundaries between pure online and offline purchases continue to soften, Tyroola will keep pushing to provide better services for a new generation of Australian tyre buyers.

For enquiries about Tyroola's products and services, visit

+61 2 8599 2277

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