Spruce up your iMac with the all-new mBase by Rain Design

Rain Design and its innovative products that focus on function and style

Rain Design first dazzled the world in 2003 with the award-winning iGo desk for the Apple iMac G4. Founded in San Francisco by friends who shared the same vision of creating cool and original products that bring comfort and style to everyone's digital life, Rain Design continues to craft exciting products with ideas that will hopefully make its users smile.

Today, Rain Design serves a global market through its offices in California, the USA, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Taiwan and a network of distribution partners.

The all-new mBase by Rain Design

Rain Design has recently announced the official release of an all-new mBase, specially designed for the 24-inch iMac. The mBase's sleek and minimalist design serves as a monitor rise for the iMac so that the users can have their screens better levelled for a more comfortable working experience, especially when longer hours in front of the computer are required.

The mBase's white aluminium body colour-matches the iMac's white bezel, keyboard, and mouse, which greatly complements all of the iMac's seven iconic colours. Featuring a footprint that integrates seamlessly with the iMac 24-inch, the mBase comes with a built-in drawer that can store gadgets or other small clutters. Its grooved rim also secures the iMac, and its back outlet allows for proper cable management, making way for a cleaner and tidier desk for anyone who uses the mBase.

Where to purchase Rain Design's mBase

The mBase 24-inch white is available to order now by visiting the website, with orders shipped within 48 hours. Also available at Rain Design Authorised Reseller stores.

Rain Design

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