Silicon Valley designer is redefining the greeting card experience by centering around visual stories about receivers

In the age of social media, it's easy to forget the importance of celebrating someone's special moments with thoughtful messages. One Silicon Valley designer is on a mission to change that.

Li Zeng is the founder and creator of FunKudo, a product redefining the greeting card experience by centering around the visual stories about the receivers.

"I had always been the one in my group of friends who loved creating and receiving cards, but I noticed that people have a hard time coming up with things to say, and many end up just writing "congrats" or "happy birthday" with a signature. ," Li says. "I wanted to create a product that allows people to share memorable stories and positive impressions about the receiver and make them feel extra special on their special day."

FunKudo's cards are designed for groups to contribute together online but can be used during offline events with QR codes too. Users can personalize the cards with unique doodles and thoughtful messages to bring out that extra touch of love and sincerity.

"Almost all greeting cards in the market celebrate the occasion more than the person, I want to create a card experience that's unique and personal to each recipient," shares Li.

By going to the FunKudo website and clicking on the "Create FunKudo Card" link, users can start a FunKudo card. They will then be able to share the link with a group for everyone to sign and contribute.

According to Li, FunKudo is driven by one simple mission: the product wants to make it easy and fun for a group to connect, whether people have known each other for years or they just met for the first time, whether they're living in the same town or across the world.

So far, FunKudo has been a hit with users. The company has attracted hundreds of beta users since it launched, and it's on track to impact more group or team events.

What makes FunKudo different from others

Users can look forward to many fun things when creating FunKudo cards. For one, you can set up guided questions to ask. Plus, it's fun to add personalized doodles and the group can launch together on those funny drawings.

"FunKudo allows people to express themselves with doodles. One picture thousand words. It not only makes the card more visual, but it also feels a lot more personal when the receiver gets the card," says Li.

More often than not, People who sign cards on the spot do not know what to say. For example, new couples complain about how the guest book from their wedding day is filled with generic messages like "Congrats" or signatures that they don't even recognize. With FunKudo, couples can set up guide questions for guests in case starting out from scratch feels challenging, thus receiving something they can treasure for a lifetime.

FunKudo cards are priced at $5.99 per card or $0.99 per participant for events like weddings or conferences.

How Li Zeng started FunKudo

Before moving to Silicon Valley, Li taught design for college students. She co-created a series of children's books called Little Launchers and hosted a podcast called Spark Creators to empower creators and entrepreneurs of all ages.

Li always had an interest in creating greeting cards. She drew cards for friends and co-workers and hand-made hundreds of them until she turned it into a business and sold them on Amazon.

Li also illustrated children's books and won the Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book at the Benjamin Franklin Awards, in the Children's Nonfiction category. She was even awarded as an "Outstanding Young Minority Professional" by the Chamber of Commerce in Conway, Arkansas, and has also been recognized by several major design competitions and publications.

She has traveled to Kenya, Africa, and helped set up a girls' mentoring program called Hellen's Heroes for a local high schooler who grew up in Seeds Orphanage.

Throughout Li's life, she has been focusing on creating an impact with design and entrepreneurship. ThroughFunKudo, she aims to influence how people are connected in fun and creative ways.

"Greeting cards can be a meaningful way to build lasting connections. They can be used to show appreciation, offer congratulations, or simply express thoughts and feelings. A person can feel special and appreciated, and thus follow up with thoughts, feeling, and actions to build a deeper relationship with each other," says Li.

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