Shaw Sports Turf's quest to change the turf industry using the innovative Game ON technology

Synthetic sports turf was first introduced in 1965 in the Houston Astrodome. That first artificial field was a sight to behold back in the day, replacing a viable alternative for natural grass aesthetic-wise. Unfortunately, it wasn't player-friendly. It increased the likelihood of injuries. Some players who hit the turf experienced burns. On top of that, the bounce off the synthetic field proved unpredictable.

Over the years, synthetic turf has been reinvented several times to make fields safer and increase athletic performance. The industry has indeed come a long way since it was first introduced more than five decades ago. However, it appears that there is no stopping the continued innovation in the synthetic turf industry, as evidenced by the recent development launched by Shaw Sports Turf in the form of Game ON.

The traditional method of creating synthetic turf involves cutting and gluing together the design elements such as logos and numbers. This process might be widely accepted by many as the most straightforward way to incorporate designs in artificial turfs, but it's not without issues. The main problem with inlays using the traditional method is that it has the potential to get detached, and putting them back together adds to the time spent on preventive maintenance.

Through this revolutionary technology exclusively available in Shaw Sports Turf, the company would be able to usher in a new way to create field designs. Each line, number, hash mark, and logo is tufted into the synthetic field to give a more seamless look to the design. Not only does it provide better branding for facilities and stadiums, but it also offers a higher level of performance. To deliver this revolutionary method of creating synthetic turf, clients will be given the opportunity to work closely with the designer.

Game ON technology, available nationwide, uses 23 standard colors to provide better and clearer designs and patterns, but Shaw Sports Turf also caters to custom requests.

Shaw Sports Turf hopes to change the synthetic turf industry, increasing turf performance, safety, and branding by making the most out of the latest technology. Through Game ON, the company would be able to help schools and athletic facilities uniquely differentiate themselves.

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