Segment Wealth Management: A fee only advisory services firm

Segment Wealth Management is a fee-only, fiduciary financial advisory firm that focuses on investment development, risk management and tax minimization strategies. As a full-service firm, it provides wealth and asset management services aimed at reducing frictions in the investment process, most notably costs and taxes.

Since its inception in 2012, Segment Wealth Management has grown to become a top-ten firm in Houston as recognized by the Houston Business Journal. It typically caters to high-net-worth clients who begin their investment journey with a minimum of $5 million.

Offering the best possible service

The team takes pride in doing what is best for the client, and as a fully fiduciary firm, they are legally required to do so.

"We aim to deliver sustainable and mission-aligned investment solutions to our clients, built on first-rate performance, thoughtful advice and the highest level of service," says CEO and founder Baumgarten.

Segment Wealth is well-known for its innovative investment and risk management strategies, which are based on the fundamental belief that markets are efficient and that investors can be irrational.

Making a difference

Segment Wealth had a phenomenal year of growth last year, surpassing a billion dollars in assets under management. Due to strong market performance and an influx of new clients, the firm's assets under management have more than doubled in the last two years.

Segment Wealth's philosophy is built on the core values of clarity, reliability, performance, and honesty. Its experienced portfolio managers create customized portfolios based on each client's risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and time horizons.

Segment Wealth Management is SEC-registered and recognized by Barron's and the Houston Business Journal as one of the most trusted investment advisory firms in America and the Greater Houston area.

Lisa Kelly
Senior Journalist

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