Royal Hawk NFT: Developing a positive community, via blockchain

Many NFT artists recognized an opportunity to spark positive social change rather than fill their pockets when NFTs had a massive bull run in 2021. Since then, NFTs have evolved into an effective way to raise funds for important causes -- from reproductive rights to the support of marginalized artists -- through the many advantages of utilizing NFTs as a tool to promote positivity in the community.

The benefits of Royal Hawk NFT

One of the most notable NFT projects with a noble cause is the Royal Hawk NFT. Royal Hawk launched last month to offer the lowest royalty fees in the market at 3.9%. This encourages the secondary markets to strive, allowing holders to keep more profits to themselves rather than losing a large portion of the profits to royalties.

Most royalties in the market range between 7.5% and 10%, and this does not include the 2% service fee that most marketplaces charge. This causes a total of 9.5% to 12% of the entire value of the NFT to be paid as royalty. Royal Hawk's impressive royalty fees empower the holder to profit more than 50% compared with most NFTs currently on the market.

Royal Hawk is Community-First

Royal Hawk has also created a Community-Led Fund (CLF) that receives a 9.9% contribution from the earnings generated by secondary market trading. Members of the Royal Hawk community can submit a proposal to request the use of the community-led fund.

Substantially, the choice will be made available to all members of the Royal Hawk community by a vote on a proposal. The Royal Hawk may be used for significant movements, developments, marketing, branding, etc. Royal Hawk will proceed with the ultimate motion of a proposal that will be in the community's best interests.

As one that firmly believes in the betterment of communities, Royal Hawk aligns its mission, vision, and values with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). These include goals for good health and well-being, quality education, affordable and clean energy, industry, innovation, and infrastructure; sustainable cities and communities, peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Royal Hawk will also be holding a lucky draw for its holders.

Within 24 hours after the minting achieved 100%, we are also giving away 50 units of lucky draw (1,000 USDT each) to our community as a token of appreciation.

Royal Hawk is also set to explore the metaverse's potential to enhance the project.

How much is the minting price and when?

The Royal Hawk NFT will be minted on the Solana blockchain. At the price of 3 Solana/Mint and with the limited supply of 9,999 collection, being a Royal Hawk NFT Holder grants you into a positive community with high potential of growth and enable you to explore the future of the metaverse together.

The Minting Date of Royal Hawk NFT has yet to be announced.
Royal Hawk will be announcing its Minting Date on their Official Twitter Page and Discord Server.

To learn more about Royal Hawk, visit their social links at the following
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