Ross Freedman, co-founder of Rightpoint, explains why it is the #1 experience company in the world

Rightpoint has come a long way since its inception in 2007. From a less than 10-employee company in a single location (Chicago), Rightpoint has now grown to more than 800 employees with 12 offices around the globe.

It was born out of an idea two friends had from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Ross Freedman, and Brad Schneider. The idea came to fruition when Ross and Brad persuaded their professor at the University of Wisconsin during their Junior year in 1996 to allow them to build a software application for one of the university's departments - for 5 credits instead of taking a basic business class which was Statistics.

The two students spent six months applying what they had learned in computer science and business studies to create a fully functional software application that increased the department's productivity and the efficiency of its employees. Ross realized at that moment that building software and creating digital experiences that make people and organizations more productive was what he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life.

25 years later, Ross and his team have produced hundreds of digital experiences for Fortune 500 corporations, hospitals, government agencies, and non-profits across web, mobile, and other form factor devices.

Mica Smith
Head Journalist

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