ReFi to Launch ReFi Pro, a Bespoke Service for Institutional Investors

Reimagined Finance (ReFi) is a farming-as-a-service platform that allocates capital across the best-performing DeFi yield farms, returning profits back to its token holders.

ReFi will be launching ReFi Pro, a bespoke offering that gives institutional investors the opportunity to invest their capital with the project's experienced yield farming team, offering more control over capital allocation and risk levels. As many institutions look for profitable investments in a bear market, ReFi Pro is the perfect solution.

The performance and management fees for this service will be put directly into the ReFi treasury, helping ReFi's community earn even more distributions.

As the first farming-as-a-service project to introduce such a product, this innovation further distinguishes ReFi from other FaaS projects in the space by quickly growing the treasury, building brand awareness, and increasing rewards for the ReFi community.

ReFi is led by a team of well-rounded professionals with years of experience in DeFi, software engineering, and investment banking. ReFi has been a fair token launch from the beginning, with no pre-funding rounds or discounts offered to any investors.

Individuals can find more information about ReFi and the team on their website, or by joining their communities on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

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