Real estate platform Paradyme opens doors for investors to make smart real estate investments

The Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist of the 19th century, Andrew Carnegie, once said that 90% of millionaires acquire their wealth through real estate investments. He wasn't wrong.

At present, trillions of dollars are invested into real estate annually, and more and more Americans strive to get a piece of the pie. According to a recent survey, real estate is the most preferred investment channel of Americans, garnering 28% of the vote, leaving cash investments and stocks behind. Unfortunately, only a handful are able to invest and utilize the returns in real estate.

CEO and Founder Ryan Garland aims to change the real estate investment landscape through the Paradyme platform, enabling all levels of investors to get involved in several investment vehicles and diversify their portfolios. "Our mission is to develop a platform that greatly increases the value of investors' portfolios and to create investments accessible to everyone," says Garland. Through Paradyme, investors have the opportunity to diversify funds through various asset classes such as hospitality, storage, and the recession-resistant multi-family developments.

On top of diversification of investments through equity, Paradyme also offers its $100M debt fund that's structured mainly to hedge investors' capital against inflation. The program releases quarterly dividends to investors, with an 8.5% potential annual return without the required lock-up period normally found in other investment vehicles.

By taking advantage of its working relationship with cities and its ability to fill the financial needs of developers and contractors in communities, Paradyme is able to put investors' interests at the forefront to keep them satisfied. According to Garland, the lifelong relationships the firm has with investors is the foundation for Paradyme. Some of the firm's investments have an average term of five to seven years, other projects have two to three-year terms, and investors typically rollover their previous gains to new opportunities offered by Paradyme.

The firm's dedication to monitoring shifting market trends and collecting data, ensuring and providing investors with the best decisions possible and utmost security, has resulted in Paradyme's ability to stay on top of shifting markets and provide an 18% average annual return to its investors. This certain level of success was made more possible with the assistance of the firm's top-notch and in-house attorneys and CPAs, who bring their expertise in their field to help Paradyme identify and maximize investment opportunities.

Paradyme is also deeply invested in the latest technologies. The firm uses cutting-edge technology to create an easy-to-use platform to simplify the investing process for both experienced and new investors. The firm's platform enables investors to track all their investments for themselves using the online investors portal, providing them with unparalleled transparency and peace of mind.

While there are no guarantees in any kind of investment vehicle, Paradyme goes to great lengths to make the industry accessible, mitigate risks, handle market shifts, and adapt to the ever-evolving market. The way Paradyme conducts its business has allowed the working class to benefit from real estate investments that were previously exclusive to the wealthy.

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