Re-Evolution: The best NFT to watch out for in 2022

With NFTs rising in popularity, more and more projects are being created every month. With a vast array of projects, it's difficult to choose which NFTs.

So we have summed up the best NFT project you should look out for in 2022.

Right now, Re-Evolution is one of the most innovative projects composed of NFTs, transformational games, and play-to-earn tokens.

Re-Evolution offers 5,000 unique planets on the Solana Blockchain. Each planet has different attributes, assets, and rarities where you can populate your own species and develop recreation.

Members are able to rent out their planets which means they can earn passive income by allowing other members to play and earn using the planet.

Other than Planets, Re-Evolution will also be launching the Species. Members may create and evolve life on their planet by acquiring the perfect species. There will be 5,000 different species to pick from, each with its own set of features that will determine how they survive and prosper in the environment of your planet.

Members get access to the Re-Evolution game, in which they may interact with their planet and species. To play the Re-Evolution game, users must purchase or rent a Re-Evolution planet. A Re-Evolution Species NFT may be bought by players who want to acquire unique species with particular traits.

To know more about Re-Evolution and become a part of their ecosystem you can visit their Website or their Discord.

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