Randall Lee Richards' New Single, You Had Me at Party, is Out Now

Nashville's fast-rising country-rock musician, Randall Lee Richards, is set to raise the bar with this newest single, "You Had Me at Party." His fans can expect nothing less than his unique writing style, creative storytelling, and modern sound combining elements of country, pop, rock, and experimental music.

Randall Lee Richards has been making a mark on the industry with his singing and writing prowess displayed in his contemporary take on country rock music. His last single, "Flawless," got over 4M streams on TikTok alone, making him the fastest-rising, modern country singer/songwriter exploding on social media.

The talented musician expects "You Had Me at Party" should easily surpass the last single and hopefully reach the top of the Billboard charts. This will not only create new opportunities for his music label, Big Streams Records, but also open doors to take on a new breed of talented artists who do not have the proper guidance as yet.

An Artist With a Heart

Randall Lee Richards is not only a musician, but an artist with a heart of gold. He vows to give all the proceeds he earns from digital downloads of his songs to a great friend who is battling stage 4 cancer. Aside from this, he is also giving away free tickets to his shows to all military members, vets, and their families.

Praise for Randall Lee Richards

People in the industry believe Randall Lee Richards is destined for stardom. He was only 12 when he signed his first major record contract. After which he had the distinct honour of being mentored by some of music's most legendary icons such as Neil Diamond, Charlie Daniels, and Elton John.

Since he started his career, Randall Lee Richards has pushed himself to continue learning and now plays 15 different instruments and has written more than 200 songs. The combination of his magnificent singing voice and his determination to improve on what he already knows have propelled him toward success at an unprecedented pace.

His songs have garnered more than 10 million sales globally, with 10 million digital streams as well. He has earned two platinum awards, one of which from Tunecore. Recently, Randall Lee Richards was inducted into the prestigious Country Music Association (CMA).

Randall Lee Richards' single "You Had Me at Party" is now live on Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and all other streaming platforms globally.

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