Purple Patch Consulting's 'The 28 Days Later Formula', which features 28 experts and 28 topics over the course of 28 days, wants to help you #InvestInYourself

When someone mentions "investing," many people get excited because they immediately think of stocks, high-yield savings accounts, and other esoteric financial terms. However, investing does not have to imply committing money with the expectation of a financial return. It can also mean devoting time and effort to improving something.

According to Tom Hitchcock, managing director of Purple Patch Consulting in Sydney; "Investing in your personal and professional growth is necessary, and organic growth via osmosis, while valuable, is not a substitute for the input of external thought leadership and wise mentorship. One should commence the upskilling, learning, and growing phase of your professional development before you are actually ready."

Next month, Purple Patch Consulting will launch 'The 28 Days Later Formula', a series of live and online lectures. The goal is to encourage people to make positive changes and invest in themselves.

"We created '28 Days' for people who are dedicated to growth and change. It is also intended for people who, at any stage of life, want more from life," Hitchcock explained. "It's about making 'yourself' better, both in terms of health and career. It's about creating personal and professional 'systems' that give you meaning and happiness."

The program is based on how habits are made and how they can be broken, as well as the idea of 'The Domino Effect', which says that changing one behavior will change other behaviors that are related to it. It will have 28 well-known speakers and industry leaders from all over the world talking about 28 different topics for 28 days to help people be the best versions of themselves. It's advertised as a wide-ranging, morally-sound plan for personal development that doesn't involve any upselling or pressure.

"28 Days is a platform for personal growth that doesn't try to sell you anything. In this live Q&A, we have 28 experts from all over the world who are happy to share their experiences and knowledge with you. No one can improve your life without your permission. You cannot improve your life without your own permission. The first step is a small step and comes from you and we will do the rest," Hitchcock added.

Along with Tom Hitchcock, other guests include professionals from a variety of fields, including Olivia Collins (Marketing), Dr. Richard Kaye (Business), Joshua Crampton (Finance/Spirituality), Kristy Obst (MMA), Daniel Tolson (Emotional Intelligence), Peter Williams (Mental Health), Wendy Cole (Productivity), Alan Stevens (Communications), Jennifer McMahon (Purposeful Culture), Luke Fenwick (Growth), Samantha J (Empowerment), Karen Chaston (Healing), and Danielle Benzon (Public Speaking).

Also joining, are Tom Cronin (Finance), Catherine Lyell (Health), Johnnie Cass (Lifestyle), Felicity Cohen (Fitness), Shane Fozards (Education), Philippe Guichard (Design), Andrew Morello (Entrepreneurship), Bella Reynolds (Coaching), and many more.

The 28 Days Later Formula's official launch is planned for August 2022. Tickets for the lecture series will cost $500 each. However, those who register as part of our pre-launch campaign will qualify for the $98 'SUPEREARLYBIRD' promotion.

Only the first 200 registrants will have the opportunity to take advantage of this deal, so be quick!

For more information on Purple Patch Consulting's The 28 Days Later Formula; check out The 28 Days Later Formula website (where you can also register under promo code 'SUPEREARLYBIRD'.)

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