ProjectStarter: Huge growth expected in FY22

The growth potential of ProjectStarter is enormous. Following the debut of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), crypto innovators have pivoted to decentralized markets in search of capital. Ideally, crypto launchpads are designed as decentralized platforms where blockchain-oriented projects can raise capital through early-stage token sales.

There are several crypto launchpads that have popped up in the past few years to serve the growing demand. That said, not all of them propose a tangible value to newbies looking to become part of the crypto ecosystem. One of the leading, and perhaps most trustworthy launchpad is ProjectStarter, a launchpad with associated PSR token designed to create a bridge between promising projects and investors.

Through its Launchpad, the project offers a platform for obtaining allocations for new tokens (IDO, IGO, IEO) or NFT Pre-Sales.

"With ProjectStarter, project founders get what they need -- capital to move the projects forward," said Gary Liu, the project's Chief Strategic Officer.

"From the investors' standpoint, our platform saves them a lot of effort and time in doing their research and studying the new and upcoming trends," he added.

Project Starter was founded by a group of crypto-savvy investors who are professionals in various areas of the crypto landscape. Its goal is to make crypto and blockchain projects accessible to everyone who wants to become involved at an early stage.

Project altruism

ProjectStarter enables blockchain-based projects to obtain funds while providing early-stage token sales to their investor group.

"Early-stage sales offer investors a discount before the market launch, [and] more projects are using them to raise money because launching on a crypto launchpad is cheap," said CEO Duke Lim.

"Our platform also provides exposure to a project by getting it in front of a large community of crypto enthusiasts," he added.

Solving the problem

One flaw in the existing crypto launchpads is users' necessity to acquire and stake a considerable quantity of Launchpad Tokens to qualify for a guaranteed allocation in the IDOs.

In 2021, the massive growth of these platforms has begun to threaten users, who are gradually seeing the size of their allotment decrease as the number of users grows.

"To address this, ProjectStarter offers a three-round allocation model because we believe that everyone deserves a fair opportunity to succeed in the crypto industry," Lim said.

Another problem that this project is trying to resolve is Launchpads' confusing verification process, which is a breeding ground for scam projects.

Lim stated, "Our team has implemented a stringent and rigorous vetting process that thoroughly vets projects before they are accepted and placed on the platform."

"When it comes to introducing these new initiatives to the community, we always prioritise quality above quantity."

Crypto launchpads are a new concept but they have an immense value proposition to the growth of the digital asset market. Going by the current trends, it is likely that most of the upcoming crypto projects will no longer be limited to VC investments. The paradigm shift to decentralized launchpads will set the stage for a new era in the crowdfunding space. Even better, this approach opens up more opportunities for anyone to participate in the growing crypto market.



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