Popular NYC Artist Alex Duarte Continues to Grow in the NFT Industry

Alex Duarte, based in New York is now one of the emerging NFT artists in the big apple. Her story is a part of every one of the five boroughs she grew up in, and yet, she doesn't necessarily belong to any one of them. Her artwork has multi-cultural flavours, just like New York City. It is quixotic and loud, and proudly so. It will have you engaged and hypnotized. Her influences are varied, beginning with street art and never-ending.

While growing up, Alex trained in the arts only informally. The dark tones of the city got the better of her with more than one traumatic experience. She lost her voice and took to visual art. Keratoconus struck next and dealt a severe blow to her eyes.

But this did not stop her from becoming what she is now. Just recently, Alex dropped her new artwork, a new range of NFTs, and merchandise. She is now one of the well-known artists in the city art circuit, and her fanbase continues to grow.

Alex's art is used as a voice to discuss female empowerment and rebellion. Her artwork is a potpourri of a variety of mediums like murals, canvas, and paper. It is multilayered, both literally and figuratively.

Now, Alex has launched her own company and e-store called "Deranged Artist's LLC." This company caters to different types of audiences. It was created to cater to their growing fanbase. The store features an extensive collection of T-shirts, swimwear, keychains, mousepads, backpacks, and other collectables specifically made to support their numerous charitable endeavours, including mentoring, guiding, and charity for the gifted and the underprivileged across national and cultural boundaries.

Alex and her company aim to give appreciation to the heroes of the world of art. This will be a platform to recognize each artist's individuality.

Duarte's advocacy and goal in life are to help people through her art. Now she is set to become one of the biggest names not only in the traditional art world but also in the NFT space.

Mica Kelly
Senior Journalist

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