Passion and Purpose: How Celine Tran's journey inspires pet enthusiasts

Celine Tran (@celinetails on TikTok) has an impressive group of pets living alongside her. Their awesome lifestyle has captured the attention of pet-lovers worldwide, which skyrocketed Celine's fame in various social media platforms, mainly on the popular video-sharing app, TikTok. Her TikTok account boasts of 1.3 million followers, a milestone she achieved in less than a year.

Tran's rise to social media fame is much deserved, and as a veterinarian technician, the 24-year-old pet influencer is a reliable source of educational content on pet ownership.

"Being fully educated about owning pets means understanding their basic needs and more," she shares. She promotes responsible pet ownership by reinforcing the idea that a pet owner should understand the basics like proper nutrition, exercise, and house requirements. She's also encouraging pet owners to understand the pet deeper by recognising body language and providing the right training. To emphasise, Celine Tran adds, "it's our responsibility to give them the best life we possibly can."

Then and now

Tran has always aspired to work with animals. Much of this passion to care for animals stems from her childhood experiences of growing up around them, shaping and moulding her to pursue a career in the pet care industry. However, after working as a veterinary technician for three years, she redirected her focus elsewhere - ironically, it's right at home, with her 17 pets. Celine is now devoted to giving her pets the best lives they could possibly have, all while being a full-time student, a content creator, and an entrepreneur.

When asked what the most fulfilling part about taking care of all 17 animals, she responded, "Just being a pet mom! Waking up and taking care of them and them giving me unconditional love back - it's an amazing feeling only pet owners would understand."

@celinetails' avid supporters across various social media platforms are treated to a variety of content about her pets' diet at home, the kinds of toys and treats she gives them, and the overall cuteness of her pets' exciting lives. She also started her line of merchandise, Hell Hounds LA, which is inspired by her Doberman, Draco.

Get updated on her new content and line of merchandise by visiting her official links.

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