OpenAve: An All-In-One Solution For Real Estate Needs

We live in a time when we can look at hundreds of available homes on in seconds with just a few taps and swipes on our palms. So, why is it still so difficult to buy and sell real estate?

According to recent statistics, the majority of homeowners find the process of buying and selling property to be stressful and difficult. A home is often the most expensive investment a person will ever make, so financing is a major source of stress.

Experienced homeowners, developers and property experts have expressed their confusion. After all, homeowners have been in their homes on average for 13 years, during which time technology, the local market, mortgage rates, and processes have all changed.

Real estate can be confusing and stressful, but it doesn't have to be. At least, not according to OpenAve, an all-in-one real estate company that streamlines the process for home buyers, real estate agents, and brokers.

New kids on the block

You've probably never heard of OpenAve, which is understandable. The company, based in New South Wales, is still in its early stages and operates across Australia and is looking at expanding further and has not officially yet "launched."

Over the past year, however, OpenAve has used its all-in-one solutions platform to assist 186 of its clients, including Aquamore, a major lending company, in finding new clients and settling a number of their mandates.

Hunter Singh Co-Founder of OpenAve, explains why the company's one-stop shop model is revolutionary for first-time homebuyers, seasoned sellers, and brokers alike:

"I've worked in the property and finance industry for over 15 years, and we've recognised that the traditional real estate model is outdated, and brokerages haven't done much about it. Having a stressful, complicated real estate experience has been the norm, and all too often, buyers and sellers are being pushed through the process when what they really need is someone to guide them through it and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful."

Furthermore, OpenAve aspires to make life easier for real estate agents and brokers: "We wanted to develop a new solution to connect with real estate agents and brokers in a friendly, efficient, and hassle-free manner," he explained.

Last year, Singh and his team assisted the Vanlin Group in selling a number of off-the-plan projects that had previously been unsuccessful. Through the platform, they also assisted the firm in obtaining a new development.

Real estate has a communication problem

Many other people are involved in a transaction besides the buyer and seller. Multiple lines of communication can become tangled, causing the transaction to be delayed. Companies like OpenAve alleviate some of that burden by providing an all-in-one platform through which all parties can communicate and engage transparently without having to deal with multiple phone calls with different parties.

The traditional industry is mostly interested in maintaining the status quo. As a result, the majority of the country's real estate models are obsolete. Singh founded this company in response to their lack of initiative. "Customers and agents deserved better," he stated.

The road is long and full of promise

While OpenAve isn't a tech disruptor in the same way that Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb did for their respective industries, the company and platform have a lot of potential.

According to Singh, OpenAve wants to continue assisting both ends of the market in moving to a single, simple, and transparent location where clients can see their questions and progress in real-time.

"We believe real estate can be better, and we intend to keep innovating and advancing the industry."

Hunter Singh

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